Leaving Sermon Illustrations

Leaving Sermon Illustrations

Leaving All with Jesus

Leaving all with Jesus, heart and mind at rest;
For whate'er betideth, Jesus knoweth best;
Though no ray of sunshine o'er my path is shed,
Soon the mists will vanish and the night have fled.

Leaving all with Jesus, though I may not see
For the length'ning shadows that encompass me;
Darkness radiant seemeth, shadows disappear;
Joy effaces sorrow when my Lord is near.

Leaving all with Jesus, striving to be pure;
Strong in Him enduring, though the world allure;
Trusting, yet hard striving wrong thoughts to subdue,
Through Him overcoming all that is not true.

Leaving all with Jesus, leaning on His might;
Prayerful, watchful, anxious to be led aright;
There's no time for sighing, resting on His Word;
All in all is Jesus, trusted and adored.—E. Middleton

(Heb. 13. 5)

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