Life Sermon Illustrations

Life Sermon Illustrations

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Life—in this World.

So he died for his faith. That is fine—
More than most of us do.
But stay! Can you add to that line
That he lived for it, too?

It is easy to die. Men have died
For a wish or a whim—
From bravado or passion or pride.
Was it harder for him?

But to live, every day to live out
All the truth that he dreamt,
While his friends met his conduct with doubt,
And the world, with contempt.

Was it thus that he plodded ahead,
Never turning aside?
Then we'll talk of the life that he led—
Never mind how he died.—Ernest Crosby

(Phil. 1. 21; Gal. 2. 20) 

Take my life, and let it be,
Consecrated Lord, to Thee;
Take my moments and my days,
Let them flow in ceaseless praise.—Frances R. Havergal

He lives who lives to God alone,
And all are dead beside;
For other source than God is none
Whence life can be supplied.—William Cowper

We ought to love life; we ought to desire to live here so long as God ordains it; but let us not so incase ourselves in time, that we cannot break the crust, and begin to throw out shoots for the other life.—Beecher

Life's an aquatic meet—some swim, some dive, some back water, some float and the rest—sink.

I count life just a stuff
To try the soul's strength on.—Robert Browning.

May you live as long as you like,
And have what you like as long as you live.

"Live, while you live," the epicure would say,
"And seize the pleasures of the present day;"
"Live, while you live," the sacred Preacher cries,
"And give to God each moment as it flies."
"Lord, in my views let both united be;
I live in pleasure, when I live to Thee."—Philip Doddridge.

This world that we're a-livin' in
Is mighty hard to beat,
For you get a thorn with every rose—
But ain't the roses sweet!

Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.—Benjamin Franklin.

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