Likeness Sermon Illustrations

Likeness Sermon Illustrations

C. H. Spurgeon received one day a copy of Andrew Bonar's Commentary on Leviticus. It so blessed him that he returned it, saying, 'Dr. Bonar, please place herein your autograph and your photograph.' The book was returned to him with the following note from Dr. Bonar:

`Dear Spurgeon, here is the book with my autograph and with my photograph. If you had been willing to wait a short season, you could have had a better likeness, for I shall be like Him; I shall see Him as He is.'

(Ps. 17. 15; 1 John 3. 2)

Gipsy Rodney Smith, preaching at Dallas, Texas, had a petition from coloured ministers asking for a meeting exclusively for negroes. They came in thousands. There was a good deal of punctuating of his address with 'Hallelujahs' and `Amens'.

Suddenly an aged coloured woman called out, 'Gipsy Smith, may I ask a question? Looking at her, he said, 'Certainly, my sister, what is it?' What colour are we going to be when we get to Heaven? Shall be white or black?' Everybody was waiting breathlessly for the answer. 'My dear sister, we are going to be just like Christ,' replied Gipsy Smith. And 'Amen' rang out all over the hall.

(Rom. 8. 29; Phil. 3. 20, 21; 1 John 3. 2)

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