Listening Sermon Illustrations

Listening Sermon Illustrations

More failures in academic and social growth can be traced to inability to listen than to any other single aspect of the language-arts.—Mark A. Neville, Headmaster of the Latin School of Chicago, "Listening Is an Art: Practice It," Elementary English

Good listening has been described as an art; now it is a rapidly growing profession. The busy offices of social workers, our school counselors, personnel managers, and marriage con-sultants are filled with troubled people, in desperate need of listeners, talking out their problems.

A story is told about the great Paderewski, who, after a concert in a mid-western town, was found behind the stage, silent, preoccupied. Someone asked him what was the matter. Was he ill? 'No! No!' he answered, 'but some friends of mine were missing—the grey haired couple fourth row back. They were not in their usual seats.' Then he explained, 'I didn't know them well. I never spoke to them, but I liked the way they listened and I always played for them.' Many a preacher has been encouraged in giving his message by seeing regular attendees whom he may not know well, listening attentively.'

(Luke 8. 18)

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