Little Things Sermon Illustrations

Little Things Sermon Illustrations

To illustrate to his students the power of little things, Professor Tait had a heavy iron joist suspended from the roof of the laboratory by a strong cord, and then began to throw small paper pellets at it, striking it square each time. At first there was no perceptible movement of the joist, but after a continuous barrage of paper pellets, the iron joist commenced to sway from side to side and swing like a pendulum.

(1 Kings 13. 20-22)

A holy life is made up of a multitude of little things. It is the little things of the hour, and not the great things of the age, that fill up a life like that of Paul and John, of Rutherford, or Brainerd, or Martyn. Little words, not eloquent speeches, little deeds, not miracles or battles, not one heroic effort or martyrdom—these make the true Christian life. The little constant sunbeam, not the lightning; the waters of Siloah 'that go softly' in their meek mission of refreshment, not the waters 'of the rivers great and many' rushing down in torrent noise and force; are the true symbols of a holy life. The avoidance of the little evils, the little sins, little incon­sistencies, little weaknesses, little follies . . . the avoidance of such little things as these goes far to make up at least the negative beauty of a holy life.—Dr. Horatius Bonar

(Song of Songs 2. 15)

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