Love for Christ Sermon Illustrations

Love for Christ Sermon Illustrations

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"I Love Him Too"

An old countryman, visiting London for the first time in his life, went into one of the great picture galleries to look around. Presently he came to a wonderful painting of the Lord Jesus Christ hanging upon the Cross. He stopped before it, and as he gazed at the picture a great love for the One who hung there flooded his heart. "Bless Him!" he said, aloud. "I love Him! I love Him!"

Others in the gallery heard the old man's words, and seeing the tears trickling down his old furrowed cheeks, as he stood beside the picture, hat in hand, forgetful of all else, were touched, and stopped before the picture, too. Presently a stranger drew near to the old countryman, and grasping his hand, said: "I love Him, too, brother."

Seeing what had taken place, a third stepped forward, saying: "So do I." Then a fourth joined them, and a fifth, until there stood before the picture of the Saviour a little knot of men, perfect strangers to one another, but drawn together by the love of the Lord Jesus.—Gospel Herald.

They Loved Him Utterly

A celebrated Japanese statesman once said, "We do not worship our emperor, we love him utterly. The commander before Port Arthur one day called for volunteers to cut the barbed wire entanglements. `You will never come back,' he said. `Nor can you carry a gun. You will take your place and cut one or two wires and fall dead. Another will take your place and cut one or two wires more. But you will know that upon your dead bodies the armies of your emperor will march to victory." Whole regiments volunteered for these `sure death' parties. If your Christians loved your God as we love our emperor, they would have long since taken the world for Him."—Herald of Light

Love Fertilizes the Life

Dr. Watson (Ian Maclaren) tells of once hearing a plain sermon in a little country church. It was a layman, a farmer, who preached, but Dr. Watson said he never heard so impressive an ending to any sermon as he heard that day. After a fervent presentation of the gospel, the preacher said with great earnestness: "My friends, why is it that I go on preaching to you week by week? It is just this, because I can't eat my bread alone." That is the Master's burden. He cannot bear to be alone in His joy. There is no surer test of love for Christ than the longing to have others love Him.—Southern Churchman.

Anything for His Son's Sake

A very wealthy man lost his wife when his only child was very young. Then there came into his home a housekeeper to take care of that boy. The boy lived until he was of age, and then he died. The man had no other relatives; and he died heartbroken soon after the boy died. He had no one to leave his enormous wealth to, and there was a question about what would become of his possessions. They could find no will. It looked as if it would all pass over to the state. At last it was taken over by the state, and they held a sale to dispose of his personal effects, at the mansion where he had lived. The old housekeeper who had brought up that boy from infancy, not having any money of her own, being just as poor as when she began to work for this wealthy man and keep house for him, went to the sale. There was only one thing she wanted. She couldn't buy the furniture; she couldn't buy the expensive rugs, but there was a picture on a wall in that house, a picture of the boy. She loved that boy. He had been to her a son, although she held no relationship to him. When the picture came to be sold, nobody else wanted it, and she bought it just for a few cents, and took it home. It had been hanging on the wall for some time, and she thought she would clean it, take the back out, take the glass out, and polish it. But when she took it apart, some important looking papers fell out. They were given to a lawyer, who said to the woman, "I guess you have fallen on your feet this time. This man has left all his wealth to the one who loved his son enough to buy that picture." God will do anything for those who love His Son.—From a pamphlet issued by Pastor Edward Drew of Paterson, N. J.

True Love For Him

There is such a danger of our being so occupied with the things that are coming more than with Him who is to come; there is such scope in the study of coming events for imagination and reason and human ingenuity, that nothing but deeply humble waiting on God can save us from mistaking the interest and pleasure of intellectual study for the true love of Him and His appearing.—Andrew Murray.

Loving Service

Cripple Tom said, "To know Him is to love Him and to love Him is to serve Him. It wouldn't be loving without." Another has said, "Love must long, must serve, must sacrifice. Love ignores criticism. Loves sees God in everything and simply obeys. Oh! love is indeed an energizer, and finds opportunities for service unnoticed by others."—Gospel Herald.

Money Well Spent

Joseph T. Larsen in one of his tracts tells of a minister who went to Philadelphia from Massachusetts. He later called up his wife at a cost of $1.35 just to tell her how much he loved her. The wife was bewildered, wondering if he was sick. But, no, he simply wanted to tell her that he loved her still and to the extent that he could not wait until he came home. Do you ever tell God how much you love Him? Does He ever see you go to any expense to prove it?—Finest of the Wheat.

Loving the Unseen

"Papa, do you love Jesus?" asked little Emily of her father, who did not care for anything religious.

"Jesus is dead, my dear, long, long ago. He was crucified, and that was the end of Him."

"But Jesus rose again, and did what no other man could do. And if Jesus was not living now, we could not be living either, as He gives us life and everything else, Papa."

"But how can I love whom I have never seen, Emily? Tell me that, my dear."
Emily at first did not know what to reply, and her father looked pleased to know that he had puzzled her. At length she said, "Papa, how old was I when Mama died?"

"Only six months, my child."

"Then I can't say that I ever saw her for I don't remember her at all. But you have always tried to make me love her by telling me how good and kind she was; and I do love her, although I have never seen her that I can remember."

By this time the tears were running down the father's cheeks and kissing Emily, he said, "God has spoken to me by you, my dear, and now you must pray for me, and ask God to give me a new heart, with which I shall love Jesus." And the prayer was soon answered.—Sent of God.

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