Manifestation Sermon Illustrations

Manifestation Sermon Illustrations

There was a famous trial in Paris about the end of the nineteenth century, investigating the fraud of a certain Madame Humbert. A country girl of humble origin but clever and ambitious, she was anxious to figure in the best Parisian society. She had married above her station and gave out that she was immensely wealthy. She told how, while travelling, an old gentleman in the next compartment was taken seriously ill, and she had been able to save his life. As a result he had bequeathed all his property to her. The deeds of this property were supposed to be in a certain safe which Madame Humbert kept in her salon, and which was sometimes on view, bearing on its front a plentiful supply of sealing wax. On the strength of this she borrowed money to the extent of millions of francs. This went on for several years till her creditors became uneasy.

Then the matter was brought to court. The judge decided that the safe should be opened in the presence of witnesses. When it was opened, it was found to contain only a copper coin not worth a halfpenny. The manifestation revealed her poverty and bankruptcy as well as her deceit.

`We must all be made manifest at the judgment seat of Christ.'

(Mark 4. 22; 1 Cor. 4. 5; 2 Cor. 5. 10)

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