Measurements Sermon Illustrations

Measurements Sermon Illustrations

When God measures a man He puts the tape round his heart, not his head.

It isn't the size of your banking account
And the people of wealth you have met,
The number of dresses and hats that you buy,
The amount of regard you can get.

It isn't the size of the house that counts,
And the crowds you entertain,
The number of cars that stand outside
And the servants you retain.

The value of jewels upon your hand
And the silver that you possess,
The number of miles you have travelled abroad,
The important folks you impress.

It's the size of your heart and the sympathy,
The breadth of your mind and love,
The value and height of your loyalty
That matters to Him Who's above.

(Rom. 12. 14-16; 2 Cor. 6. 11-13)

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