Midst Sermon Illustrations

Midst Sermon Illustrations

Christ in the Midst

He sat in the midst of the sages
As Teacher from Heaven above:
To them He interprets the pages
That speak of His Father's love.

He stands in the midst of the stricken
To comfort their hearts so sad:
His hands and His side that are riven
Are tokens that make them glad.

He walks in the midst of the churches,
Inspector and Potentate:
With eyes that are flaming He searches
And sees their declining state.

He waits in the midst of the fewest
Who gather to plead His name:
He sends to the least and the lowest
And grants them whatever they claim.

He hangs in the midst of two felons.
As Savior He sheds His blood:
And thus He has opened for millions
The way to the heart of God.—D. Hine-Butler

(Ps. 22. 22; Matt. 18. 20; Luke 2. 46; 24. 36; John 19. 18; Rev. 2. 1)

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