Millionaires Sermon Illustrations

Millionaires Sermon Illustrations

Recipe for a multi-millionaire:
Take a boy with bare feet as a starter
Add thrift and sobriety, mixed—
Flavor with quarts of religion,
And see that the tariff is fixed.—Life.

MILLIONAIRE (to a beggar)—"Be off with you this minute!"

BEGGAR—"Look 'ere, mister; the only difference between you and me is that you are makin' your second million, while I am still workin' at my first."

"Now that you have made $50,000,000, I suppose you are going to keep right on for the purpose of trying to get a hundred millions?"

"No, sir. You do me an injustice. I'm going to put in the rest of my time trying to get my conscience into a satisfactory condition."

"When I was a young man," said Mr. Cumrox, "I thought nothing of working twelve or fourteen hours a day."

"Father," replied the young man with sporty clothes, "I wish you wouldn't mention it. Those non-union sentiments are liable to make you unpopular."

No good man ever became suddenly rich.—Syrus.

And all to leave what with his toil he won,
To that unfeather'd two-legged thing, a son.—Dryden.

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