Missions Sermon Illustrations

Missions Sermon Illustrations

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Disproportionate Evangelism

A Chinese Christian asked Archdeacon Moule how many clergymen there were in England. Archdeacon Moule asked how many he thought there were. "It is a little island," the Chinese replied; "perhaps there are a thousand." "There are more than twenty thousand," he was told. "Then," said he, "you can easily spare a thousand for China."—The King's Business.

When Their Ships Went Out

A rich man was down at the river front waiting the departure of an ocean liner. He was joined by an acquaintance, who said to him, "You seem to be much pleased about something."

"Yes," said the man, "I do feel unusually good today. Do you see that vessel at anchor in the North River? Well, I have on that vessel ten thousand dollars worth of equipment for a hospital in China, and I just came down to see the vessel safely off."

"Well, that is interesting, and I am glad you made that gift," said the friend.

"But, you know, I also have a gift on that ship. My only daughter is on that vessel, going to China to give her life as a missionary."

The wealthy man looked touchingly into the eyes of his friend and exclaimed, "My dear brother, I feel as though I have given nothing as I think of what this sacrifice means to you."—Dr. John Roach Straton.

"Theology" or "Christ" the Need

A Japanese worker visiting a seminary in Tennessee said to a promising stu­dent, "Brother, you have finished college; we need you in Japan. Why don't you go?"

The student explained that he had to take his seminary course and must study theology before he became a missionary.

The Japanese gave an answer which applies not only to Japan but to our own land: "Brother, Japan can do without theology, but sadly needs Jesus Christ."

The best preacher said, "I determined . . ." (I Cor. 2:2).—The Pilot.

"The Greatest Adventure in the World"

I have often said that missionaries are the happiest people in the world. I believe I laughed more during the two years, which I spent among missionaries, than in any other two years of my life. I also believe that the chief reason for their happiness is the blessed conviction that they are placing their lives at the point of greatest need, just where the Saviour would have them placed. I am reminded of this by a paragraph in a letter written by Miss Ida McLean Black, when she was preparing to return to her work in our African Mission. Writes Miss Black:

"I cannot tell you how happy I am to be going back. All the rapture and ecstasy of the first trip—plus. A dear and intimate friend asked me if I really wanted to go back; if I still found anything interesting in those `degraded black folk.' They are a lovable, friendly heathen people, friends, people without Christ or hope in the world. Seeing those `degraded black folk' transformed, recreated, made new creatures in Christ Jesus, is the greatest adventure in the world. I have already attained a peace and joy in life which I never knew existed.'—Rev. E. G. Smith, in Southern Churchman.


They are waiting everywhere,
Where the fields of earth are fair,
Where the rivers nobly run,
Where the blossoms seek the sun,
Where the hills rise high and grand,
Looking proudly o'er the land—
Waiting! Waiting!

They are waiting in the wild,
Wicked, weary and defiled.
And the Saviour's healing word,
They have never, never heard;
Ever hungry and unfed
Left without the living bread—
Waiting! Waiting! —Selected.

No Other Plan

It was said of Christ that after His resurrection, when He went to heaven in victory and power, the whole angelic host came out to welcome Him. The Archangel, the head of the parade, was the spokesman. He said, "Lord, You have finished the redemptive work on the cross. Is it enough to save the world?" The Lord answered with a note of victory, the same loud cry which came from the cross, "It is finished." And He concluded by saying, "I came not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved. I shed my blood for the ransom of many." That is the plan of salvation. He gave His live that sinners might be saved.

The Archangel seemed to be satisfied with the answer, but another question came up as to how the world might know of this Gospel, to which the Lord answered, "I have told My disciples, `Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.' "But the Archangel queried again, "The world does not know. Suppose your disciples become busy with their own work and Peter goes back to fishing or Levi goes back to the customs office and they forget to preach the Gospel. What will you do?" There was a pause. The Lord looked straight into the face of the Archangel and said with determination, "They must, for I have no other plan."—Selected.

"Come and Help"

Hark! what mean those lamentations
Rolling sadly through the sky?
'Tis the cry of heathen nations—
"Come and help us or we die!"
Hear the heathen's sad complaining
Christians! hear their pleading cry:
And the love of Christ constraining,
Haste the gospel, ere they die.—Cawood.

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