Missions Sermon Illustrations

Missions Sermon Illustrations

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A missionary fell into the hands of cannibals. "Going to eat me, I presume?" asked the missionary. The chief grunted. "Don't do it," he advised, "you won't like me." Thereupon the missionary took out a knife, sliced a piece from the calf of his leg and handed it to hint. "Try this and see for yourself." The chief took one bite and choked. The missionary worked on the island for fifty years. He had a cork leg!Sunday.

Has God's Book Arrived?

A lady missionary in Africa saw an unknown native coming toward her. He was dressed in the customary skins, and was leading a goat. He put down his spear and tied up the goat, and then said:

"White lady, has God's Book arrived in our country?"

"Are you interested in God's Book" she inquired.

"Yes," replied the native. "My son brought me these pieces of paper, and he has been teaching me the words, `God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son.' I heard that God's Book had arrived, and I have walked for five days, and brought this goat to buy God's Book."

She then showed him a copy of the Bible and found the place where the words were printed.

"Give me that Book," he entreated, "and you can keep this goat."

Then he walked up and down before her, pressing the Book to his heart, say­ing:

"God's Book. He has spoken to us in our own language!"
He returned to his own village with God's Book—a section where no mission­ary was.Apples of Gold.

They "First Gave Their Own Selves"

In Christ Life, the Rev. L. L. Legters, Field Secretary of the Pioneer Mission Agency, writes of one of his visits to Central America: "On the first visit, the late Howard B. Dinwiddie and I were with a group of Indians. About seventy had come together from various parts of Guatemala to have a oonference. At the close of the evening I asked them, `How many of you will put yourselves in the hands of the Lord Jesus, you who know Him, and will say, "God, I go to carry the Gospel to my people"?' Sixty of those seventy stood and said, `I give myself.' Then we took up a collection. Not any of them were earning more than six pesos, which are worth ten cents, but we took up the collection, and when we counted it there were a hundred and twenty pesos in the collection box and there were sixteen of the young men whom we could send out two by two. Some said, `We can give two days'; some said, `Five days,' and the longest was `thirty days.' . . . Three months afterward I passed through a town where two of these men had preached, and I found there three families and ten believers who had accepted the Lord Jesus when these two workers visited them."—Sunday School Times.

Fruit from Faithful Service

Back in Vella La Vella, when we were holding front-line positions, we had two dozen native workers with us. It amazed me to see these black people holding prayer meeting every night, singing, in their native tongue, the songs we all know, giving thanks to God for their blessings and praying for the American soldiers to be victorious and drive the Japanese from their land. Someone has done a grand job here, and I heard so many of the boys say that since they know where the money collected for missions went they would not be so close whenever the plate is passed again for missions back home. Many a night, as I stood listening to them, I felt the pull of God, and my heart filled my throat, and tears were brought to my eyes. It seemed queer that the natives could hold prayer meetings, while the Army had provided none for the soldiers at a time when God was our only refuge. The missionaries have really done a job over here, and can never get enough credit for their work. They are usually the last to leave a Jap-infested area. They go out the back door as the Japs come in the front.World Outlook.

When God Is at the Center?

I recall that day standing on the threshold of a little home of a village in Lanarkshire, Scotland. It was a very small and humble home where one day years ago a family arose early to bid farewell to a son. After a frugal meal of porridge and bread a young man named David read the 121st Psalm, offered a prayer, and trudged over a muddy road to Glasgow, where he took ship for Africa. The years passed, and David Livingstone, out of that humble home, was found dead on his knees by his hand­ made cot in a little hut of the long grass country of Illala. The natives of the village carried his body 1,200 miles over river and mountain and through jungles of an enemy country until one day it was lowered in the tomb in Westminster Abbey. Last summer I stood before that grave and I wondered by what process one could argue from a birth so humble to a grave so glorious. Then I remembered what David Livingstone had written across his life, "I put no value on anything I possess save in terms of the Kingdom of God." It was the creative force of the gospel of God. . . which made all that change in his life, sending him from a cradle so ordinary to a tomb so resplendent. When a man believes in God, clear to the hilt, with all his heart, there comes to him a power which no temptation can imperil, which no experience can impeach; he will write as if an angel directed his hand; he will sing as if the invisible choirs warbled in his soul. When God stands at the center of life man can change anything. When men see God in the heart of the universe all men will matter and all souls will have a place.—Dr. Joseph R. Sizoo.

A Worthy Name

It is said that when Andrew Fuller went into his native town to collect for the cause of missions, one of his old acquaintances said, "Well, Andrew, I'll give five pounds, seeing it's you." "No," said Mr. Fuller, "I can't take anything for this cause seeing it's me," and handed the money back. The man felt reproved, but in a moment he said, "Andrew, you are right; here are ten pounds, seeing it's for the Lord Jesus Christ."—Biblical Illustrator.

How Much Do You Wear?

A missionary at home on furlough was invited to a dinner at a great summer resort, where he met many women of prominence and position.

After dinner he went to his room and wrote a letter to his wife. He said:

"Dear Wife: I've had dinner at the great Hotel. The company was wonderful. I saw strange things today. Many women were present. There were some who wore, to my certain knowledge, one church, forty cottage organs, and twenty libraries."

In his great longing for money to provide the gospel for hungering millions, he could not refrain from estimating the silks, satins and diamonds of the guests at the dinner in terms of his people's need.

If God sends us money to send to perishing millions the good news of a Saviour from sin, and we spend it in needless luxuries, what does He think of it?Selected.

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