Mistakes Sermon Illustrations

Mistakes Sermon Illustrations

To err is human, but when you wear out the eraser before the pencil, you're overdoing it.—Rotary Club News

My friend R. B. Jones doesn't have a first or middle name—only the initials R. B. This unusual arrangement was never a problem until he went to work for a government agency. The government is not accustomed to initialed employees; so R B had a lot of explaining to do. On the official forms for the payroll and personnel departments, his name was carefully entered as R (Only) B (Only) Jones.

Sure enough, when R. B. got his pay check, it was made out to Ronly Bonly Jones.—Stephen A. Bomer in True, The Man's Magazine

There are about three things a person can do when he makes a mistake. He can resolve that he will never make another, which is fine, but impracticable; he may let that mistake make a coward of him, which is foolish; or he can make up his mind that he will let it be his teacher, and so profit by the experience, that if the situation comes his way again, he will know just how to meet it.—Sunshine Magazine

All men, no matter how big, make mistakes. But history teaches us that big men refuse to falter because of their mistakes. Henry Ford forgot to put a reverse gear in his first automobile. Edison once spent over two million dollars on an invention which proved of little value.

The man who makes no mistakes lacks boldness and the spirit of adventure. He is the one who never tries anything new; he is the brake on the wheels of progress. Remember, a mistake becomes an error only when nothing is done to correct it.—Gear-O-Gram

Freedom from error isn't enough—a blank page can be free from errors.

Heard the other day about the Colorado mining town, just about on its last legs, which took on new life when uranium was discovered nearby and the government poured in a few millions to rejuvenate the local electric plant for a new operation. The town's editor, trying to do justice to the occasion with his hand-set paper, was all ready to print a special issue when his aged partner up and got married. Some front page type was hurriedly discarded and the wedding story inserted. The paper was on the streets the next day before the editor discovered he had neglected to revise the original headline on the space now recounting the wedding. The headline read, "Old Powerhouse Resumes Operation."

You'll find beyond the smallest doubt mistakes are bound to be found out.

Definition: Mark Twain was once asked the difference between a mistake and a blunder. He explained it this way. "If you walk into a restaurant and walk out with someone's silk umbrella and leave your own cotton one, that's a mistake. But if you pick up someone's cotton umbrella and leave your own silk one, that's a blunder."

Mistakes will happen but must you give them so much help?

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