Model Sermon Illustrations

Model Sermon Illustrations

Model Church

How beautiful the church must be
Where Watchful is the porter;
Whilst Prudence has the oversight
With Patience as exhorter.

Where Harmony conducts the praise
And Reverence the worship;
Whilst Loyalty accords to Christ
The undisputed Lordship.

Humility pervades the place
And Piety sweet smileth;
Whilst Purity her fragrance breathes
And Gentleness beguileth.

Simplicity adorns the walls
And Grace is captivating;
Benevolence is prominent
Whilst Zeal is operating.

Here Mercy wears her diadem
And Meekness conquers friction;
Whilst Trust exerts its influence,
Joy adds the benediction.—T. Baird

(1 Thess. 1. 2, 3, 7)

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