Motivation Sermon Illustrations

Motivation Sermon Illustrations

It's a rare human being indeed who will not do his best when he feels that he will be rewarded as his work deserves.—Et Cetera

Excellent performance is a blend of talent and motive, of ability fused with zeal; aptitude without aspiration is lifeless and inert.

And that is only part of the story. When ability is brought to life by aspiration, there is the further question of the ends to which these gifts are applied. We do not wish to nurture the man of great talent and evil purpose. . . . —The Pursuit of Excellence

You won't see it on a balance sheet. But today, psychological momentum is a company great hope for making and increasing profits.

It can be seen at a store counter. For psychological momentum is the force that impels toward that counter not just people, but people with an impulse to buy. Yes, a company must move minds. And so must teachers move minds.

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