Nails Sermon Illustrations

Nails Sermon Illustrations

Nail Mishap and Flat Tires

In Birmingham, England, more than 200 flat tires were reported by truck drivers in one small country area. Telephone lines were jammed as the drivers called for aid. After four hours police and firemen finally restored order. It all started when one truck lost a large load of nails, and the driver did not notice it.

All this damage and confusion from little nails. Troubles from trifles. All this makes me think of what some have written about Trifles:

Publius Syrus: "Even a hair has its own shadow."

Proverb: "A mote may choke a man."

Martin Tupper: "The dangerous bar in the harbor's mouth is only grains of sand."

Proverbs: "Drop by drop the lake is drained." "Little chips light great fires."  "Little bantams are great at crowing."

Hindu philosopher: "Many straws may bind an elephant."

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