Nature Study Sermon Illustrations

Nature Study Sermon Illustrations

"Teacher training is the bottleneck in the movement toward universal education in nature appreciation, conservation and the wise use of our natural resources."—Annual Report of the Cook County Forest Preserve District in Illinois

Most of the teachers who have grown up in cities know nothing at all about outdoor living. Many a city classroom teacher could do all right in an examination in geology and biology, but when it comes to firsthand contact with the outdoors, all she can recall are a few field trips in science classes and some wienie roasts on the beach. She can't call a dozen trees by name. She likes birds, but she can't get much beyond sparrows and robins in bird recognition. As for insects, they are either ( a) the subject of a chapter in a textbook, or (b ) something that gets into the cake at picnics.—Dorothea Kahn Jaffe, "Preparing Teachers to Teach Outdoors," The Nation's Schools

The children had been very attentive while the teacher told them about the animals. "Now," she said, "name some things that are very dangerous to get near to, and have horns."

"I know, Miss Teacher," exclaimed Mary, with hand raised.
"Well, Mary?" said the teacher.
"Motor cars, Miss Teacher."

A teacher testing her class in nature study, asked: "Who can tell me the name of the male, the female, and the baby sheep?"

"I can" replied one youngster. "Ram the daddy, dam the mammy, and lam' the kid."—Joseph Federico, Laugh Book

The first grade was having a lesson about birds. After some discussion the fact was established that birds eat fruit. One small girl, however, was unconvinced. "But, teacher," she asked, raising her hand, "how can the birds open the cans?"

A rather stout schoolmistress was talking about birds and their habits. "Now," she said, "at home I have a canary, and it can do something that I cannot do. I wonder if any of you know just what that thing is?"

Little Eric raised his hand. "I know, teacher. Take a bath in a saucer."—Kablegram, SAC Sidelights

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