Obedience Sermon Illustrations

Obedience Sermon Illustrations

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The Reason

"Who is the best girl in your school?"

I asked a group of schoolgirls.

"Lucy Jones," was the quick reply.

"What makes her the best?" I asked.

"She recites the best," answered one.

"She is always ready and never keeps the class waiting," said another.

"She never gets excused," said a third.

"She's never late," said a fourth.

"She keeps all the rules," said a fifth.

"And something else," said one who had not spoken before.

"Ah, what is that?" I asked. "Mother says she loves and willingly obeys God and her parents," she answered.

Yes, that's it. Lucy was working for Jesus by setting a good example.—Story World.


It is said that a tradesman once advertised for a boy to assist in his shop. A few hours after the morning paper was circulating his office was thronged with all kinds of boys; and, not knowing which to choose, he advertised again, as follows: "Wanted, to assist in a shop, a boy who obeys his mother." In response to this, there were only two boys who ventured to apply for the situation. This would still be a good test very likely.—Gospel Herald

Are We Obeying?

S. D. Gordon, in his Quiet Talks on Power, says that a prominent clergyman in New England tells this experience: "In the house of his pastoral work he was called upon to conduct the funeral service of a young woman who had died quite unexpectedly. As he entered the house he met the minister in charge of the mission church where the family attended, and asked him, `Was Mary a Christian?' To his surprise a pained look came into the young man's face as he replied, `Three weeks ago I had a strong impulse to speak to her, but I did not; and I do not know.' A moment later he met the girl's Sunday school teacher and asked her the same question. Quickly the tears came as she said, `Two weeks ago, Doctor, a voice seemed to say to me, "Speak to Mary," and I knew what it meant, and I intended to, but I did not, and I do not know.' Deeply moved by these unexpected answers, a few minutes later he met the girl's mother, and thinking doubtless to give her an opportunity to speak a word that would bring comfort to her own heart, he said quietly, `Was Mary a Christian girl?' The tears came quick and hot to the mother's eyes as she sobbed out, `One week ago a voice came to me saying, "Speak to Mary," and I thought of it, but I did not do it at the time, and you know how unexpectedly she went away, and I do not know."'—The King's Business.

God's Loving Plans

God's forehandedness is one of the wonders of His providence. At a Victorious Life Conference at Keswick, N. J., the Rev. L. L. Legters told the story of Sam, a slave who, as soon as one piece of work was done returned at once to his master's doorstep in order that he might always be ready for his master's bidding, just as we should be waiting for instructions from our Lord and Master. At some previous meeting of Mr. Legters, a girl who had been impressed with this illustration prayed, "O Lord, make me just like Sam"; and the next morning as she awakened with her resolution to be a bondslave of Jesus Christ still flaming in her, the day verse in her Scripture calendar was: "Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors" (Prov. 8:34). Upon hearing this incident of the confirmation of purpose through a Scripture calendar, related at this Conference, a young woman missionary, home from China on furlough, told Mr. Legters of a similar experience. Her name is Mary, and, on the day she first set sail for China her Scripture calendar day verse was, "Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her." In order to encourage our hearts and to assure us of His care and guidance, God, in fulfilling Romans 8:28, "All things work together for good to them that love God," even takes a hand in the printing of Scripture calendars!—Sunday School Times.

"Ear Is Only"

"For a long time we were looking for a word for obedience—a virtue that the natives never practiced," related a missionary. "One day as I went home from the village my dog stayed behind. I whistled, and he came running after me at top speed. An old native man by the roadside said with admiration, `Mui adem delegau ge'; literally, `Dog yours, ear is only,' that is, 'Your dog is all ear' (obedient). I got hold of that expression at once and found I had a beautiful word for obedience. Let us be 'all ear' to our Lord."—Christian Herald (London).

When We Follow Instructions

An illustration of how God is able to guide aright comes to us in the daily press of January 15, 1944. An aviation cadet, on a practice flight, temporarily stricken blind, in panic radioed that message to his control officer. This officer radioed back, "Follow my instructions implicitly." After keeping the blinded cadet circling the landing field until the whole field was cleared and an ambulance had arrived, the control officer radioed, "Now lose altitude." "Now bank sharply." "You're coming onto the field now." The cadet brought his plane to a perfect landing, was saved, and later his sight was restored.—Independent Board (for Presbyterian Foreign Missions) Bulletin.

Knowing Is Not Doing

Through United Press comes the report that termites have eaten through a large stack of pamphlets entitled, Control of Termites, in the mailing room of the University of California at Berkeley. Maintenance men made the discovery. One would naturally expect that university buildings would be free of termites, because at such a center of higher education so much is known of termites and the destruction they cause. But it is one thing to have in a pamphlet the information concerning the control of termites, and quite another thing to make a practical application of that information! On speaking to His disciples on one occasion, the Lord Jesus said regarding the things He taught them, "If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them" (John 13:7).—Now.

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