Parental Responsibility Sermon Illustrations

Parental Responsibility Sermon Illustrations

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The Little One's Challenge

The wife of a prominent lawyer who had been under deep conviction for several days gave the following account of her conversation at our prayer meeting. "Last evening my little girl came to me and said, `Mamma, are you a Christian?' `No, Fannie, I am not.' She turned and went away, and as she walked off I heard her say, `Well, if Mamma isn't a Christian, I don't want to be one.' And I tell you it went right to my heart, and I then gave myself to Christ."Sunday School Times.


I have the feeling that the modern girl is being swindled. She is trading modesty for recklessness; chastity for sophistication; freedom for danger; womanliness for daring; and charm for cosmetics.

Perhaps I am a Puritan. But America owes more to the Puritans than to all the white lights, cabarets, and jazz bands in the world.

I am wondering what would have happened if Abraham Lincoln's mother had had an ambition to be a flapper, or if Theodore Roosevelt had started out to be a shiek. Boys will be boys, but they will also be men.—Religious Telescope.

A "Desirable" Parent

A newspaper comments on a questionnaire recently sent to 369 high school boys and 415 girls, who were asked to check a list of ten desirable qualities in a father. The quality receiving the second largest vote was, "Respecting his children's opinions." Others were: "Never nagging his children about what they do; making plenty of money; being prominent in social life; owning a good-looking car."

The Scriptures, with their unfailing accuracy, predict what we are seeing today as a fact of the end of the age, that "perilous times shall come" when "men (meaning mankind, including young and old) shall be lovers of their own selves... boasters, proud... disobedient to parents."—Sunday School Times.

Parental Responsibility

"The best safeguard for the young generation is a good example by the older generation."—Selected.

The Forgotten Instructions

Two proud young parents were showing the minister their firstborn. Very thoughtfully the young mother said, "I don't know whether I know enough about Baby to raise him or not." The young husband laughed, "She says that about Baby because she didn't get a book of instructions with him." He was thinking of the books of instruction that had come with the sewing machine, the electric sweeper, and the refrigerator when they bought their household furniture some fifteen months before. Of course he was mistaken. There is a book of instructions with each baby given to the home. God's Book, the Bible, is the book of instructions that should be studied as never before when a little child comes.United Presbyterian.

"T'was a sheep not a lamb, that went astray
In the parable Jesus told.
'Twas a grown-up sheep that wandered away
From the ninety and nine in the fold.
And out on the hilltops and out in the cold,
'Twas a sheep that the Good Shepherd sought.
And back to the flock, and back to the fold,
'Twas a sheep that the Good Shepherd brought!

"Now, why should the sheep be so carefully fed
And cared for still today?
Because there is danger if they go wrong
They will lead the lambs astra,,,
For the lambs will follow the sheep, you know,
Wherever they wander, wherever they go!

"If the sheep go wrong, it will not be long
Till the lambs are as wrong as they;
So, still with the sheep we must earnestly plead,
For the sake of the lambs today.
If the lambs are lost, what a terrible cost
Some sheep will have to pay!"Gospel Herald.

The Sins of the Parents Visited Upon the Children

Of our present-day crime-breeding conditions the most culpable of all is the unthinking American parent. Certainly here is a field in which pioneering is to be done. Here is an opportunity for the bravery necessary to tell the silly, soft-brained, indulgent parent who prates of the independence of youth, that he or she is nothing more nor less than a moral coward.

It takes courage indeed to stand perhaps with some good friend and point out the defects in parenthood by which this person is breeding in his or her child a lack of respect, first for parental law, for family tradition, and finally for the statutes of the land which should govern us all.

Yet this must be done; for in the breakdown of the American home there has been a steady lessening of parental supervision, of parental understanding, of parental courage, and an increase of parental laziness whereby the sins of these parents are being visited upon the children, and the children are paying for those sins of omission by committing 17 per cent of all the crime committed in America.—J. Edgar Hoover, in the Lutheran Witness.

Start Them Right

Only a few weeks ago, a fine Christian woman who has known the Lord only seven years, the widow of a millionaire, said to me, "Pray for my boy; pray for my girl; they have no interest in the things of God. I can never get them to hear the Word of God. They are courteous and polite if I bring a servant of the Lord to my home, but they will allow no one to say a word to them, and they will not read the Bible."

And then she added, "The worst of it is that they are what they are because I brought them up that way. Until seven years ago, I lived the life that they are living; I led them in the path they are now going. A Bible was never opened in my home until my husband died, and left me a broken-hearted woman, surrounded with all the luxuries he had given me, and I was crying out for something that could help me. Christ came to me, but it was too late to turn my children's steps in the right way. They are treading the path on which I started them."—Gospel Herald.

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