Parental Responsibility Sermon Illustrations

Parental Responsibility Sermon Illustrations

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Angels and Needles

Centuries ago idle men discussed the question, How many angels can stand on the point of a needle? A faithful pastor in Scotland returning home one night saw the mother of seven children, herself a widow, mending the clothes of her bairns. "I know now," he said to his wife as he came in out of the dark, "I know now how many angels can be supported on the point of a needle," and then he told what he had seen.—Louis Albert Banks, in "Hero Tales."

Is Overstrictness the Trouble?

A good deal of nonsense is being palmed off on the community about the reaction of the child from overstrictness in parental training. When I hear a man say, "My parents brought me up so rigidly that a reaction took place in my mind and I have turned away from religion," I have sometimes asked, "Did they teach you to be honest?" "Yes." "Were they strict about it?" "Yes." "Did they teach you to tell the truth?" "Yes." "Were they strict about that?" "Yes." "Has any reaction taken place on these points?" No man learns the multiplication table from sheer love of it; but I never knew of anyone whose mind was in reaction against the multiplication table.—John Hall, D.D.

The Secret of Perfect Attendance

A young girl was being introduced to the Sunday morning congregation not long ago on the occasion of having won an award for perfect attendance at church school for seven years. As she was receiving her congratulations, and the audience was applauding her fine record, the pastor came forward and said: "Mary, before you go, I want to ask you a question or two. What kind of family have you grown up in? Didn't they ever have any company on Sunday? Has your family never gone on a picnic on the Lord's Day? Has there never been a time when your mother was 'just worn out' and your father had to stay at home because it was the only day they ever had together? Didn't it ever happen that something went wrong with the car so that you couldn't get it started? How has it happened that your parents never kept you home from church school?" The girl did not get the satire in the preacher's questions, and replied, "Why. they always wanted me to be in church school, and they planned it so I could get there." That was the secret.—Church School Journal.

Saved from the "Hell Club"

A widowed mother in Edinburgh had lain on her face all night long, crying, "Oh, God, my boy! Save him! I plead the Blood!" During the same night the boy, a medical student in the University and a member of the "Hell Club," was assisting in a mock celebration of the Lord's Supper. He took up a glass of wine and held it up and said, "The Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ!" Then, trembling and pale, he put it down and seized his hat and fled from the place. It had seemed to

turn to literal blood, and as he walked he knew not where at every step he moaned, "I am guilty of the Blood of Christ!" At dawn he came home and went to his room, and his mother heard him crying there and praying for mercy, and went in and threw her arms about his neck, saying. "You are really praying, my son?"

As the sun came up over the hills that morning, a mother's prayers were answered, and her son was saved. He went to his classes and asked leave to testify to the students of his experience; then he was excused for the day that he might go out on the streets and witness.

One day at a conference a man was called upon to pray. He said, "We praise Thee, 0 God, for the Son of Thy love—for Jesus who died, and has now gone above!" It was William P. Mackey, once the president of the Hell Club, who breathed this prayer which became a hymn, and who became a minister of the Gospel.—Selected.


"There are little eyes upon you,
And they're watching night and day;
There are little ears that quickly
Take in every word you say;
There are little hands all eager
To do everything you do,
And a little boy who's dreaming
Of the day he'll be like you.
You're the little fellow's idol,
You're the wisest of the wise;
In his little mind about you
No suspicions ever rise;
He believes in you devoutly;
Holds that all you say and do,
He will say and do in your way
When he's grown up just like you.
There's a wide-eyed little fellow
Who believes you're always right,
And his ears are always open,
And he watches day and night.
You are setting an example
Every day in all you do,
For the little boy who's waiting
To grow up to be like you."Gospel Herald.

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