Passover Sermon Illustrations

Passover Sermon Illustrations


A lamb roast with fire on the table.
Looked forward to the Cross.
Redeemed commemorate their Deliverance.
Family communion.
Testimony to their children.
‘Put away all leaven.'
A Supper before the journey.


Bread and wine on the table.
Looks backward to the Cross.
Redeemed remember their Deliverer.
Church communion.
Testimony to the whole world.
'Purge out the old leaven' of malice.
A Supper during the pilgrimage.

The Passover was the great central feast of Israel. It was to them what the Lord's Supper is to the Christian. In fact, the two are linked most intimately by our Lord, in that it was during the celebration of the one that He instituted the other. Both spoke of the same blessed event, the death of Christ. The one set forth that death in prospect; the other declared that death as having already taken place.

(Exod. 12. 24-27; Luke 22. 7-20; 1 Cor. 5. 7, 8; 11. 23-26)

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