Penalty Sermon Illustrations

Penalty Sermon Illustrations

Penalty Paid

Two men who had been friends in their youth met years later in the police court of a great city, one on the judge's bench, the other in the prisoner's dock. Evidence was heard, and the prisoner found guilty. In consideration of their former friendship the judge was asked to withhold sentence.

`No,' he said, 'that cannot be; justice must be done and the law upheld.' So he gave sentence: 'Fifty dollars fine, or fourteen days at hard labour.'

The condemned man had nothing wherewith to pay, so prison was before him. Then the judge, having fulfilled his duty, stepped down beside the prisoner, paid his fine, put his arm about him, and said, 'Now, John, you are going home with me to dinner.' Not even God can overlook sin. He must be faithful and just. But for us the Judge was crucified! 'Lo! guilt is gone, and I am free.'—Sunday School Times

(Hab. 1. 13; Rom. 3. 24, 26)

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