Photograph Sermon Illustrations

Photograph Sermon Illustrations

It was necessary for me some years ago to get some passport photographs. Awful agony! When I received the photograph from the photographer I opened it and, well, I was a little disappointed. So I wrote to the photographer, and he said, 'Well, that is only a passport photograph. Would you like some touched-up prints?' That sounded better, so I ordered some. But to my disappointment the American consulate only wanted the passport photograph. I offered them the other, but no, they wanted the passport photograph that was not touched-up. The two were completely different. You would not have recognized the same person. The touched-up photograph was what I wanted other people to think that I was; but the passport photograph was the ugly reality. And all I could do was to submit to the diagnosis, and give the man the thing he wanted.—Alan Redpath

(Luke 13. 11-13; Rom. 7. 18, 24)

In the days when there were fewer cameras and fewer photographs, and when it was an event in one's life to have one's photo taken, an evangelist with a party of friends was enjoying a pleasant Saturday afternoon in Rouken Glen, Glasgow, Scotland, on a lovely summer day. He carried with him a little leather case containing his Bible and, as he walked along, a company of young people out for an afternoon's enjoyment approached him and said, 'Please will you take our photograph,' thinking that the little leather case contained a Vest-pocket Kodak.

Without a moment's hesitation the evangelist said, '0, I have it already.' The spokesman of the party asked in surprise, 'When did you take it? You must have got us on the hop.' 'Well, anyway I have it here, and here it is, said the preacher as he pulled out his well-worn Bible, opened it at Romans 3, and began to read to them from verse 9 to verse 23. 'This is God's photograph of every one of us,' he said, as he concluded his reading with the words, 'For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.'

(Rom. 3. 23)

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