Plays Sermon Illustrations

Plays Sermon Illustrations

Price for a Play

The Associated Press, September 26, 1961, tells of a bid of $5,500,000 for a play. Warner Brothers has offered to buy movie rights to "My Fair Lady" for $5,500,000 cash outright plus royalties—the highest price in movie history, producer Herman Levin said Tuesday. Levin said he has days to try and get a better offer.

I wonder how many who see the play would say what Aretines Antonia said: "Let me not live, if I had not rather hear thy discourse than see a play."

And I wonder if any would say what C. E. Wheeler read in a letter written to him April 9, 1911: "The anomalous fact is that the theatre, so called, can flourish in barbarism." But what value would be the costly "My Fair Lady"—to those who are blind and deaf?

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