Popularity Sermon Illustrations

Popularity Sermon Illustrations

This is a sermon from life. A girl just finishing high school, and going off to college in the fall, was asked by one of her teachers if she was popular with the students. She answered, No.

"But why are you not popular?" asked the teacher.

"Because I will not pass around my examination papers to be copied."

"Oh," responded the teacher, "you will never be popular if you don't do that." The girl answered, "Am I, or am I not, my brother's keeper?"

In his Spirit of the Age William Hazlitt, writing of Wilberforce, the great foe of slavery, says of him: "He does not seem greatly to dread the denunciation in Scripture, but rather to court it—'Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you!' [Luke 6:26.] We suspect he is not quite easy in mind because West Indian planters and Guinea traders do not join in his praise. His ears are not strongly enough tuned to drink in the execrations of the spoiler and the oppressor as the sweetest music. He is anxious to do all the good he can without hurting himself or his fair name."

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