Power Sermon Illustrations

Power Sermon Illustrations

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"Twisted Together"

Our word strength comes from a word signifying twisted together. "The Lord is the strength of my life." "God is the strength of my heart." Then my life is twisted together with the Lord. God and my soul are two strands twisted together with one that is infinite, the weakest shall not fail.Gospel Herald.

Better than Will Power

Strong will power is no guarantee of getting a thing done. The trouble with our common worship of will power is that we leave out of account another factor that is even stronger. It is like the predicament of an old darkey who, wrestling with a balky mule, was asked. "Why, Sambo, where's your will power?" "My will power's all right," came the reply, "but you ought to come out here and see this yer animal's won't power." There is in all of us a "won't power" that is more powerful than the strongest will power any human being ever had. It's name is sin. Will power crumbles like a piece of tissue paper in a flame when, unaided, it confronts some real sin-desire of our life. And when will power has done its feeble most, and failed, then Christ has His opportunity.—Sunday School Times.

The Log Jam

In the Timberlands springtime sees great quantities of logs shooting down the rivers. Sometimes a jam occurs. Then the lumberjack seeks the log which is stemming the wooden tide. When he finds that key log, he jerks it out of place, and the flood moves onward with its freight. There is such a thing as a spiritual log jam. We lose our religious enthusiasm, interest in personal devotions wanes, an hour in the Lord's house becomes a bore, the Bible becomes a silent Book. Then we must find the key log that is checking the flood of spiritual life. It may be an unforgiving spirit, or jealousy, or hypocrisy. Jerk the obstruction out of place and spiritual vitality will surge onward.ToDay.

Unused Power

The following instance was frequently cited by A. J. Gordon: An American with an English gentleman was viewing the Niagara whirlpool rapids, when he said to his friend: "Come, and I'll show you the greatest unused power in the world." Then he took him to the foot of Niagara Falls. "There," he said, "is the greatest unused power in the world." "Ah, no, my brother, not so," was the reply. "The greatest unused power in the world is the Holy Spirit of the Living God."Christian Endeavor World.

Where Hudson Taylor's Power Lay

When I first met Mr. Hudson Taylor, in London in 1887, I expected to see a man with a black beard and a full round voice. Instead, I found him a little man, with a blonde beard and a quiet and gentle voice. I immediately concluded that his power was not in his personality, but rather in God. As the years of my acquaintance lengthened out, this conclusion was increasingly confirmed. To the end of his life he won great victories with God and over men; but the secret was always communion with his Father in Heaven.—Henry W. Frost, in China's Millions.

Accomplishing the Impossible

On a slope of the Alps mountains lived a little hunchback, himself an ardent admirer of the beauties about him, but unable to join the climbers. His daily business was to minister to those passing in the little matters related to their long and arduous endeavor. But one day a famous mountain guide said to him, "How would you like to climb the mountain yourself?" The face of the poor misshapen man beamed. "I should like it very much," he said, "but of course I can't do it." "Let's try it," said the guide; and on the summit the grateful man kneeled down to pour out his soul in gratitude. He did his best; his leader did the rest. It was so with these common men and women we study. They were of the earth, but God came to them and they did the unearthy.—Christian Standard.

Why Fullness Doesn't Last

Most of us fit the description of the old woman quoted by Charles M. Alexander at Northfield. Down in Tennessee, Alexander said, there was once a meeting of intense power, and one of the variety of disciples who blew hot and cold who was revived at each annual revival and who backslid in the interim, was praying in the assembly with a great burst of emotion. There was present an old woman who knew him well, who read correctly his character, and had witnessed his many revivals and backslidings. So when he suddenly burst into prayer for the fullness of the Holy Spirit to be given him, the old woman emphatically cried: "Don't you do it, Lord. He leaks!"—Courtesy Moody Monthly.

Unconscious of the Power

W. P. Nicholson, the Irish evangelist, went for special electrical treatment to a practitioner in Edinburgh. He was asked to sit in a chair, while the doctor sat down and began to read the daily paper. After waiting some time Mr. Nicholson asked that the treatment might begin. "You are being treated now," was the answer. He said he felt nothing at all. Then the physician took a board with several electric lamps on it, and placed it against his breast. Instantly the lamps glowed with light. The doctor said, "Mr. Nicholson, there is enough power passing through your body to run the tram car on the street. You do not feel it because you are insulated." Mr. Nicholson said afterward, when narrating this experience: "My friends, you may have all the power of almighty God passing through you, and yet be unconscious of it because there is no special call for its use. But let the need come, and the power will be manifested, for it is there."Alliance Week

Form Without Power

Some years ago, the captain of a Greenland whaling vessel found himself at night surrounded by icebergs and "lay-to" till the morning, expecting every moment to be ground to pieces. As the morning dawned, he sighted a ship at no great distance. Getting into a boat with some of his men, he carefully picked his way through the lanes of open ice towards the mysterious-looking craft. Coming alongside, he hailed the vessel with a loud "Ship ahoy!" But there was no response. He looked through the porthole and saw a man, evidently the captain, sitting at a table as if writing in a log-book. He again hailed the vessel, but the figure moved not. It was dead and frozen! On examination, the sailors were found, some frozen among the hammocks, others in the cabin. From the last entry in the log-book, it appeared the vessel had been drifting the Arctic seas for thirteen years—a floating sepulchre, manned by a frozen crew. And there are souls today who have refused the divine offer of life, forsaken the centers where they were warmed with hallowed influences, and drifted into the chilling regions of Arctic darkness and frost. Many of these have certain appearances of Christian life, and a name to live, but are dead!Christian Journal.

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