Prayer Sermon Illustrations

Prayer Sermon Illustrations

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A Little Talk With Jesus

A little talk with Jesus, how it smooths the rugged road,
How it cheers and helps me onward,
when I faint beneath my load.

When my heart is crushed with sorrow,
and my eyes with tears are dim,
There's naught can yield me comfort,
like a little talk with Him.

I tell Him I am weary, and I fain would be at rest,
That I'm daily, hourly longing for a home upon His breast,
And He answers me so sweetly in tones of tenderest love,
"I'm coming soon to take thee to My happy home above."

Ah! this is what I'm wanting, His love­ly face to see,
And I'm not afraid to say it,I know He's wanting me.
He gave His life a ransom to make me all His own,
And He can't forget His promise, to me His purchased one.

I know the way is dreary to yonder far-off clime,
But a little talk with Jesus well occupies my time,
And yet the more I know Him, and all His grace explore,
It only sets me longing to know Him more and more.

I often feel impatient, and mourn His long delay,
I never can be settled while He remains away.
We shall not long be parted, for I know He'll quickly come,
And we shall dwell together in that hap­py, happy home.

So I'll wait a little longer, till His ap pointed time,
And glory in the knowledge that such a hope is mine.
Then in my Father's dwelling, where many mansions be,
I'll sweetly talk with Jesus, and He shall talk with me!The Missionary Worker.

Prayer Changes Things

Once a little old Christian lady, who rented half of a double house, was praying loudly to God for her needs; she had not a meal for a mouse. Now the man from whom she rented, was an infidel, brazen and hard. He heard her praying, and said to himself, "Now, I'll play my trump card. I'll show this foolish old lady up, and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that her God is less than nothing, and only man can help out."

So he left his eavesdropping position and went down to the grocery store. "Give me a loaf of bread," he said, "you'd laugh if you knew what for." So he went back home with a chuckle, as he thought how he'd have a good time. "This is going to be really funny," thought he; "and it only cost me a dime."

On reaching his house he climbed to the roof, and listening down through the fireplace flue, he heard the little old lady thank God that her prayer had broken through. He heard her praise God for the substance of faith, and for the manna that comes from above; for salvation and all of the blessing, and for Calvary's Cross and His love.

The infidel laughed as he leaned over the flue and let the loaf fall down at her feet. He heard her break out with a queer little cry; he listened, and heard her repeat, "Thank you, Lord; I knew You wouldn't fail me. Oh, you do supply all my needs. And now, Lord, save the man next door, in spite of his infamous creeds."

With a sneer on his face he climbed to the ground and went around to her door. Now he'd make her feel cheap, and have a good laugh—the laugh he paid a dime for! He knocked and listened; she called out, "Come in," and he opened and went inside. "Thank You, Lord," she said, as she arose from her knees, with the infidel there by her side.

Then the man spoke up. "You poor, foolish thing, to really believe that God hears and answers prayer. Why, I'm the one who brought you that loaf. I just dropped it down the fireplace there."

"Well, praise the Lord!" cried the little old lady. "God gave you the dime and you spent it. He answered my prayer, and gave me the loaf, if it was by the devil, He sent it"—Selected.

The Great Need to Cry

A young lieutenant "in the United States Army on some far-off battle front" writes to his sister in Pennsylvania: "Prayer is going to win this war. Not guns alone. Fervent, agonizing prayer. . . . Pray, Sis. Pray as you never prayed before. Tell everyone to pray. Tell all America to go to its knees. Before each decisive victory anywhere over here, sometimes for hours, sometimes for days, there has been a feeling of people praying from far away. The feeling is so strong that you can hear it. One of the most stubborn of the men said, in the stillness of the night, `Did you hear anything? Sounded like people praying from some distant place. . . .' Again I plead, Tell America to pray. This war will not end until nations and people have paid in blood and tears for thrusting God out of their hearts and countries. And tell them to send Bibles, and more Bibles. . . . And you complacent, bridge-playing, cocktail-drinking mother, why didn't you teach your son about God instead of handing him a cigarette, and a dance program? Get to your knees and ask God to forgive your sins. And then pray for the Army. Pray, pray, pray.... Only repentance for sins can stop the shelling, the killing, and the murdering.... So tell them to keep on praying."—Waynesburg (Pa.) Republican.

And What of Today?

When the Constitutional Convention was in session, a skeptical tendency appeared. Benjamin Franklin, then in his eighty-third year, prepared and read a speech as follows: "When we were in great peril we had daily prayers in this room for the protection and guidance of Almighty God. I have lived a long time, and the longer I live the more convincing proof I have that God governs in the affairs of men. If a sparrow cannot fall to the earth without His knowledge, is it possible for a nation to rise without His aid? To that kind Providence we owe this happy privilege of consulting in peace on the means of establishing our future national felicity. Have we now forgotten that powerful Friend; or have we no longer need of His assistance?"Christian Faith and Life.

Self Will

The following incident may be familiar to some, but warnings need to be repeated.

"A minister, praying over a child apparently dying, said, `If it be Thy will, spare.' The poor mother's soul yearning for her beloved, exclaimed, `It must be His will: I cannot bear ifs.' The minister stopped.

"Contrary to expectation, the child recovered. But the mother, after almost suffering martyrdom by him while a stripling, lived to see him hanged before he was two and twenty."—Gospel Banner.

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