Prayer Sermon Illustrations

Prayer Sermon Illustrations

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What Prayer Changes

Perhaps you have a motto in your home which reads: "Prayer changes things" and no doubt you can testify of many occasions when prayer most certainly did change "things." But I am inclined to believe that very frequently "things" do not change one iota. Rather, prayer changes us to such an extent that we gloriously triumph over "things," whether they be a disagreeable environment or an unpleasant task, or perhaps a fiery inexplicable trial. Praise God, His all-sufficient grace is able to make us completely oblivious to all of these "things," and our triumphing over them is a more glorious victory, and brings more glory to God, than their removal could ever accomplish.Gospel Herald.

Seven Prayers Answered

A godly mother of six children had come into great stress. Their last loaf of bread had been eaten at the evening meal. Next morning, without a morsel of food in the house, the trustful mother set the table with seven plates, and, gathering the children about her, said: "Now, children, we must ask God to supply our need." As she finished her petition for help one cried out, "There is the baker at the door." On entering, he said, "I was stalled in the snow this morning and stopped here to get warm. Do you need any bread this morning?" "Yes," said the mother, "but we have no money to buy any." "What? Do you mean to say you have no bread for these children?" "Not a morsel," said the mother. "Well, you shall soon have some," and going out quickly to his wagon he returned with seven loaves of bread and laid one at each plate. One of the little children cried out, "Mamma, I prayed for bread, and God heard me, and sent me bread." "And me!" "And me!" chorused the rest of the children. Each felt that God had answered him personally. And was it not true?—Prayer, by James H. McConkey.

Her Case Seemed Hopeless

Ask God for deliverance when danger is near. In the flood at Pueblo, Colorado, a few years ago, a woman was trapped in an overturned railroad car. Unable to get out, and the water rising until it was up to her neck, and holding a child in her arms, her case seemed hopeless. The frightened child said, "Mother, what shall we do?" Mother said, "Pray, dear." While Mother cried unto God in her heart, the child prayed, "Jesus, I trust You; Jesus, I trust You." She said this many times. From that moment the waters began to recede.—Gospel Herald.

Father, hear us as we pray;
Guard and keep us day by day;
Help us feel Thy loving care,
Ev'ry day and ev'rywhere.

Help us to be good and true,
Jesus' work on earth to do;
All we have with others share,
Ev'ry day and ev'rywhere.—Ida F. Leyda.

Prayer Changes Things

On an Atlantic steamer one time our old captain announced to us at the supper table:

"We have a radiogram from the ship ahead of us, saying that they are in the worst storm of the season. By midnight we will be in the midst of the storm. I will don my woolens and stay on the bridge this night."

We spent the hours in our cabin in prayer, for the boat was reeling to and fro like a drunken man, mounting up to the heavens and going down again to the depths. Our souls were melted because of trouble. As we cried unto the Lord He brought us out of our distress, and made the storm a calm so that the waves were stilled. When the captain came to the breakfast table he said to four missionaries:

"The strangest thing has happened that I have known in my forty-eight years at sea. Last night we were scheduled for the worst storm of the season; at midnight the stars came out—and in the morning the sun rose clear."The Crusader.

There Is a Place

There is a place where thou canst touch the eyes
Of blinded men to instant perfect sight;
There is a place where thou canst say, "Arise,"
To dying captives, bound in chains of night;
There is a place where thou canst reach the store
Of hoarded gold and free it for the Lord;
There is a place—upon some distant shore—
Where thou canst send the worker or the Word—
There is a place where heaven's resistless power
Responsive moves to thine insistent plea;
There is a place—a silent, trusting hour—
Where God Himself descends and fights for thee.
Where is the blessed place—dost thou ask where?
O Soul, it is the secret place of prayer.—Selected.

Before the Little Girl's Operation

Mary, aged nine, was taken sick and grew rapidly worse; with her father and the family physician she was taken to a city hospital. When examined, the surgeon said an operation was necessary to save her life. Her mother was sick at home; her father was not a Christian. The surgeon said to the girl: "My dear, a light operation is necessary, and before I perform that, I must put you to sleep." The nurse removed her clothing, put on her little white nightdress, and the child said, "I am ready, but if I am going to sleep, I must first say my prayers." The surgeon said, "Do just as you please, my dear." Then she knelt down, clasped her tiny hands, and prayed: "0 Jesus, you know where I am, and that Mamma is sick at home. Bless dear Papa, my Sunday school teacher, this surgeon, and all for Jesus' sake." It was too much for the father. He begged to be excused, went to his room, and falling on his knees, surrendered to God, and became an earnest Christian. The great surgeon said, "I had not prayed for thirty years, but that night I went to my knees and begged for mercy." The child rapidly recovered.Sunday School Times.

"Pray Without Ceasing"

Old Betty was asked the meaning of "Pray without ceasing." "Well, it just means what it says," said she. "When I wash my face in the morning, I pray God that many sinners may be washed in the blood of Christ during the day. When I put on my clothes, I pray God to clothe me with Christ and with humility. When I take up the broom, I think of the woman who swept the house for the lost piece of silver, and I pray God to sweep the world and to save lost sinners. When I brush the grate and it begins to brighten up, I pray to the Lord to brighten my soul." And thus Betty went on mentioning the things that gave her an opportunity of approaching God in prayer.—Selected.

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