Prayer Sermon Illustrations

Prayer Sermon Illustrations

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"God Forbid That I Should Sin, in Ceasing to Pray for You" (I Sam. 12:23)

The shades of night come swiftly down
On sad hearts everywhere,
So for the troubled ones of earth,
Oh, breathe an earnest prayer!
And may they turn to Him above
Who all their heart doth know—
For only He can speak the words,
His comfort to bestow.

For I've been in life's darkest night,
And only He was there;
And only He knew how to keep
My sad heart from despair.
But while I slept for very grief,
I heard His voice once more—
Oh let us pray for all who weep!
He'll broken hearts restore.Gospel Herald.

Prayer Links to God
The main function of prayer is linking us to God in fellowship and prepar­ing us to grow for further participation in His plan. Someone may ask if it is not futile to pray for that which is predetermined as a part of the plan of God. We can but answer that Christ thus prayed. In John 10 He made a certain and definite promise concerning the safety and keeping of the believer (vs. 27­29). Yet in John 17 He prayed seven times for the believers, that they might all be kept, though He had said that they would be.—Selected.

True Prayer

It is said that during the great battle of Waterloo when the fate of all Europe hung in the balance, the issue of the fight turned upon one point. On an eminence on the battlefield stood a farm house called Quatre Bras. Napoleon, looking over the field of battle, issued orders to take and hold that center at any cost. Thy Duke of Wellington was equally keen to perceive its value. It was the strategic point on the battlefield. But the strategic point is always the storm center, and throughout that fateful day, that farm house was the scene of shock upon shock. It was captured and re-captured many times. Neither side spared men or munitions in their determination to hold it, knowing that ultimate victory on the whole battle line rested with the one who held Quatre Bras. It is even so in the great conflict against the powers of darkness. He who wins in the prayer closet, wins everywhere. The one and only weapon that Satan dreads is true prayer.—Gospel Herald.

One Cry in a Thousand

Dr. Forsythe told the story of a friend of his who was taken over a sheep farm in Australia at the time of shearing, and how the guide took one little lamb from a pen and placed it in a huge enclosure with some thousands of sheep, where the noise of the bleating sheep and the shouting of the shearers was deafening. The lamb remained still for a moment, then it cried, and its cry was answered by the mother at the other end of the enclosure, along which the lamb walked to its mother, who came to meet it. "Do not imagine that you are beyond the reach of God," said the doctor. "He sees you as if there was no other child in the whole world."Sunday School Times.

When God Spoke to Locusts

A plague of locusts had come to a Chinese village. The people surrounded their fields with small flags used in the worship of a god who would destroy locusts. One Chinese Christian refused to pray to the locust god, though his neighbors urged him. "No," he said stoutly, "that god cannot hear. My God can hear. I pray to Him," and earnestly he besought the Lord to save His little field from destruction. And the Lord did. This poor man cried and the Lord delivered him." The locusts destroyed every green thing round about, but never touched his field.—The Presbyterian.

Hanging Prayers on Stars

A few weeks ago a Christian father was bidding farewell to his son who was about to set out upon the high seas in defense of his country. In that solemn and intimate parting the father said, "My son, when you are out on the high seas and night comes on, I want you to look up into the sky. You will see the same stars that I am looking at, and know that on every star Dad is hanging a prayer."

A few days ago the father received a letter from the boy, and in it were these words, "Dad, tonight I lay upon the deck until late. It seemed to me I never saw so many beautiful stars. Then I remembered what you said. Goodnight, Dad, I shall continue to look at the stars."The Lighted Pathway.

Swift Communication

A mighty vessel was in mid-ocean when a lady passenger was taken desperately ill. The ship's surgeon was called and did everything in his power to relieve the woman's sufferings, but to no avail. When the first paroxysm of pain had ceased she said that her trouble seemed like the return of the symptoms of a former malady, one that her family physician always was very successful in combating.

As rapidly as possible the wireless apparatus, with which the vessel was equipped, got into communication with the port of New York, which in turn used the long distance telephone to consult the family physician upstate. In a surprisingly short time his prescription was received through the air by radiogram.

As marvelous as is the working of wireless telegraphy, the simple prayer of one of God's dear children is more powerful. Hundreds of years before such modern communication was thought of, the Psalmist said, "The righteous cry, and the Lord heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles."

The Great Physician has said, "Call upon Me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee" (Ps. 50:15). Do we forget God's promises, or do we not trust Him?—Alan Pressly Wilson, in Light and Life Evangel.

On Praying Ground

Do you ever make it impossible to pray prevailingly? A Christian man in a place of large responsibility was talking with a friend about a serious disagreement that had arisen between the institution of which he was the head and another man who had been connected with it, but whose relationship to the work had now been severed. This man had written sharp letters, and his letters had been answered in Christian quietness and courtesy. The friend commented on the unusual tone of the letters that had gone in response to the angry accusations. "But," said the friend who had written the letters that were marked by the fruit of the Spirit, "I must keep on praying ground." And he did! He realized that if he replied to the heated unChristian letters in kind, he would be off praying ground, and not able to pray the matter through with any assurance that God was hearing, leading, and answering. Not only in letter writing, but in many other things in everyday life, it is easy to get off praying ground. Have we kept on praying ground today?—Selected.

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