Prayer Sermon Illustrations

Prayer Sermon Illustrations

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Coming to God

"That He might bring us to God." Years ago on the stone coping that ran around the White House sat an old man. Threadbare clothes covered with dust made him a marked figure, and tears were on his face. A little boy rolling a hoop stopped and asked what was the matter. The bent form lifted, and the sad tale was poured out to the child. His son in the Army of the Potomac had been arrested for desertion and condemned. The guards had not permitted the man to pass to President Lincoln. "I can take you to the President," said the boy. "You?" "Yes, he is my father. He lets me come in any time." Thus it was the old man found the way to Lincoln, and thus gained pardon for his son. Thus it is that through Jesus Christ, the Son, we have access to God the Father.—Selected.

"Praying Always"

PRAY, when the morning breaketh;
PRAY, when the sun is high;
PRAY, when the shadows falling
PRAY, when the darkness deepens;
PRAY, in the silent night;
PRAY, when the shadows fleeing
Break into morning light.

PRAY, for the sorrow-laden;
PRAY, for the tempted soul;
PRAY, for the saint, the faithful,
Pressing toward the goal.
PRAY, for the missionaries
Toiling beyond the deep;
PRAY, for the heathen millions,
Over them pray and weep.

PRAY, that the Truth triumphant
Over the wrong may win;
PRAY, for the reign of power
Crushing the monster Sin.
PRAY, for the Bridegroom's coming;
Surely 'twill not be long.
Prayer, then shall turn to shouting
And to the victor's song.—Belle Staples.

Exceptional Help

A gentleman at a summer resort had the misfortune, while roaming in the woods, to lose a very small part of a very valuable camera. He reported his loss to a lad of sixteen years who was choring there and offered a reward of two dollars for the return of the lost piece. The youth entered his small sleeping apartment, closed the door and prayed to the Lord that he might be successful in his efforts. He was soon away through the "trackless waste." In a short time the camera was once more complete. The owner, surprised and delighted, present­ed the reward, of which the lad would take but half. Questioned later as to his reason for this he replied, "That man did not know of the help that I had."—Sunday School Times.

Two Vital Prayers

There are two famous prayers, apparently contradictory. The first is Augustine's anguished cry, "Lord, save me from that evil man—myself." The second is the well known prayer of an early Wesleyan preacher, James Spence: "Lord, save me from that good man—James Spence." I confess that I do not know which of the two is the greater, or betrays the deeper insight. They are both typically Christian prayers; there are moments in our experience when each must be offered.—Dr. James Black, in The Christian World.

The Response to Need

Prof. E. P. Gulliver says this of the Holly engine: "As we stood by the steam gauge we observed constant and considerable changes in the amount of steam produced. As there was no cause in or about the engine itself, we asked for an explanation. `That,' said the engineer, `is done by the people in the city. As they open their faucets to draw water, the draft upon our fires is increased. As they close them it is diminished. The smallest child can change the movements of our engine according to his will. It was the design of its mak­er to adjust it so that it would respond perfectly to the needs of the people, be they great or small.' How much more will God's heart respond to every prayer of His creatures!"—Sunday School Journal.

When God Spoke to Fire

Some years ago a Nova Scotia town was burning. An old retired minister entered the church, and knelt to pray for its safety. The oncoming sea of fire was very near. His friends entreated him to leave, but the old servant of God prayed on. Then a strange thing happened. The great sea of flames parted in two streams. When it had passed the church and the few surrounding buildings the two streams of fire came together again, and completed their work of destruction and desolation. But the man of God was still on his knees in the church.—Christian Herald.

Not Possibility, But Reality

A Christian woman was in financial need. She had been talking a good deal to the Lord about it. Her income that month had been thirty dollars. She is a warm personal friend of the Times staff, and she says she quoted to the Lord, one day, from a clipping she had in her Bible, made long ago from the Times: "We seldom pray with real confidence for anything, to the realization of which we cannot imagine a way." She began praying for the impossible, asking the Lord for thirty dollars more. The next morning the mail brought her a certain envelope, and she writes the Editor about it as follows: "I opened the envelope when my husband and I were at breakfast, and my eyes began to feel queer, so that I had to wink fast, and there was a big lump in my throat." The envelope contained a check for $32.84. "And instantly there was a little prayer in my heart, `O dear heavenly Father, 1 just can't thank you enough!' Why, it just seemed as if the Lord were standing right by my table!" Yes — but why say, "as if the Lord were"? For the Lord was! And He had been standing right alongside when she had asked Him for the impossible.Sunday School Times.

When a Pilot Prayed

A bomber pilot was very explicit to me about his experience. "When the ack-ack hit us," he said, "both engines conked out, and we headed for the sea. I began to pray. Well, that was the last I knew until I came to in the water. I was in bad shape. My leg was gone below the knee, the water was red all around, and I knew I'd bleed to death in a few minutes. Then something nudged me. Believe it or not, it was a piece of ply board with the plane's first-aid kit on it. I got the tourniquet out of it, and my co-pilot helped me to get the thing on and stop the bleeding. Another plane came along and dropped a life raft, and four hours later we were picked up by a rescue launch. If you don't call that a miracle, I'd like to know what is. God had something to do with that, mister."The Reader's Digest.

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