Presentation Sermon Illustrations

Presentation Sermon Illustrations

Presentation of Self to God

'Yield yourselves to God'; 'Present your bodies a living sacrifice.'

A certain preacher had two daughters, one of them older than the other. One Monday morning the minister was sitting in his study in London, feeling that the previous day had been a bad day, without blessing—and he was very unhappy. Mummy was making the breakfast downstairs, and suddenly turned to the children and said, 'Run upstairs and tell daddy breakfast's ready!' So they both ran upstairs; but the big one outran her little sister, dashed into the study, jumped on to daddy's knee, put her arms round daddy's neck and kissed him, and said, 'Daddy, breakfast's ready!' The little one came puffing and panting, and looked somewhat crestfallen as she took in the situation. And big sister said something rather catty to little sister: `I've got all there is of daddy today!' And daddy looked at that little girl, and held out to her his arm that was free—and she ran into the study and jumped on to the other knee, and he hugged her and put his arm right round her. And that little girl looked at her big sister and said, 'You may have all there is of daddy; but daddy's got all there is of me.'

Listen. You have got all there is of Jesus. Has He got all there is of you?—Alan Redpath

(Rom. 6. 13; 12. 1; 1 Thess. 5. 23)

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