Psychology Sermon Illustrations

Psychology Sermon Illustrations

The sins I see in other folk are the only ones I mention— any mistake that I might make is justified by a good intention!

They all sat around in friendly chat discussing mostly this and that, and a hat, until a neighbor's wayward lass was seen to act in ways quite bad. Oh, 'twas sad!

One thought she knew what must be done with every child beneath the sun—she had none. And ere her yarn had been quite spun, another's theory was begun—she had one. The third was not so sure she knew, but thus and so, she thought, she'd do—she had two. The next one added, "Let me see, these things work out so differently!" She had three.

The fifth drew on her wisdom's store, and said, "I'll have to think it o'er." She had four. Then one sighed, "I don't contrive fixed rules for boys, they're too alive!" She had five. "I know it leaves one in a fix—this straightening out of crooked sticks." She had six.

And one declared, "There's no rule given; just do your best and trust to Heaven." She had seven.—Origin Unknown

The dean of a girls' school was troubled because the girls insisted on crossing the street in front of the school without going to the corner. Warnings, penalties, and lectures did no good. Then the dean had a sign painted and set it up in the middle of the block. From that time on, the girls always walked to the corner to cross the street. What did the sign say? "Cattle Crossing!"—Pelican

Two psychologists were riding down on the elevator together. The young one was beat and drooping, his tie undone and his coat over his arm. The elder was neat and crisp.

"I don't see how you can do it," the young man said, "how you can listen to all those miserable people telling those heart-rending stories and come out at the end of the day looking fresh and neat?"

"Who listens?"—Pelican

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