Python Sermon Illustrations

Python Sermon Illustrations

Purloined Python

Authorities at the San Diego "Two Hundred" in California, April 24, 1962, tell how a fourteen-year-old boy had admitted he swiped Buster, the Two Hundred's four and one-half foot long African ball python. The teenager, whose name was not revealed, said that he climbed the zoo fence and broke a window to nab Buster because snakes are his hobby. It was Buster's first trip outside the zoo in thirteen years of residence there. He's slated to go back on display next weekend, after a few days of rest. What's more, the teen-ager accomplished the abduction by wrapping the python around his waist belt-fashion. Buster disappeared in the early morning hours of Sunday. Zoo officials weren't greatly worried because Buster has a gentle disposition and is non-poisonous.

What a snake snatch!

This boy, snatching a snake, came off with less danger and less harm than do those who lay hold of the booze bottle concerning which the Bible says: "At last it biteth like a serpent, and stingeth like an adder" (Proverbs 23:32).

With less hurt did this young fellow escape than does he who becomes victim of "the woman with the serpent's tongue, who half makes love to you today, and tomorrow gives his quest away."

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