Quality Sermon Illustrations

Quality Sermon Illustrations

The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of cheap price is forgotten.—Woodmen of the World Magazine

Man is by nature an inquiring being, yet all too often our educational system seems to work counter to this tendency in him The desire to know seems to have been effectively stifled except in rare cases. Furthermore, the discipline of intellectual labor is far too infrequently applied and emphasized. All this combines to form a major stumbling block in the way of educational quality. For unless there is a predilection for learning on the part of the student there is little likelihood of his attaining high quality work.—Samuel B. Gould

A farmer brought his gawky, 18-year-old son to a Danish Folk High School.

"My boy wants to spend five months at your school," the farmer said to Professor Grundtvig, founder of the famous Folk schools in Denmark.

"However, I have looked over your course of studies, and I see only such courses as history, literature, civics, geography, and science. Nothing about farming.

"Tell me, will my son be a better farmer after he takes this program with you?"

Professor Grundtvig was silent for a moment, then replied quietly, "No, your son won't learn how to make better butter at our Folk school. But all his life he will be ashamed to make bad butter."

Do small things well; and great things, half begun, will crowd your doorway begging to be done.

Very few do theft best. That is why there is always so much room for improvement.—Martin Vanbee

Three young men, arguing heatedly about the merits of theft respective churches, turned to a white-haired old-timer, and asked, "What's your denomination, Mr. Crawford?"

"Well, boys," he answered slowly, "somehow it seems to go sorta like this: There's three roads to the city—the long road, the short road, and the road through the swamps—but when I get to town with my load of corn the man doesn't say Mr. Crawford, which road you come by?' But instead he asks, 'Mr. Crawford, how good is your corn?'"—Anna Zacharias, Together

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