Rebekah Sermon Illustrations

Rebekah Sermon Illustrations

On, ever on, with swift unvarying pace,
My camel bears me through the deserts wide;
Last eve a laughing girl, to-day a bride,
And having not yet seen my bridegroom's face.

My father's house I shall not see again.
Brothers and girlhood friends—I left them all
To answer that strange, new, resistless call
That draws me on across this weary plain.

Sometimes I think that all is but a dream:
This unknown servant and his wondrous prayer,
The camels at the well, the gifts he bare—
But see! Upon my arms the bracelets gleam.

No dream, but truth! Palm-trees against the sky,
And one comes forth to greet us—this is he!
Give me my veil; help me down speedily!
My lord, behold thy handmaid: here am I.—F. Sullivan

(Gen. 24)

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