Rest Sermon Illustrations

Rest Sermon Illustrations

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Just let me rest in Thee, O Lord,
Nor strive, nor fret, nor strain
Against the burden of the days
That bring me tears and pain.

Let me remember that Thy Hand
Can lighten every load.
And in Thy presence, I shall be
Safe on life's darkest road.

For Thou hast said that Thou art near
To all who need Thine aid.
Then, foolish mortal that I am,
Why should I be afraid?—Selected.

Why They Waited

A story is told of an exploring party in Africa which had employed a group of native carriers to go with them into the interior. Being in a hurry to reach their objective, the party was pushed relentlessly for several days. Finally the natives just sat down and would go no farther. Asked what was the matter, the superstitious natives replied, "We are waiting for our souls to catch up with our bodies." A lot of Christians who have run away from God in their hurry and rush for worldly things need to stop and catch up on spiritual things.—From a radio message by Dr. F. William May, Salina, Kans.

A Perfect Resting Place

Now, published by R. G. LeTourneau, Inc., tells of a woman in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who was injured. Some $20,321 was found about the mattress of her bed. When told about the amount, the woman, who died later, said: "Is that all? I thought there would be $25,000." Now, in commenting, says: "Does not this incident reveal the fact that even if one were wealthy enough to lie on a money-stuffed mattress, it would be an unsatisfactory resting place? The only perfect place of rest is on the finished work of Christ."—Watchman-Examiner.

Not Breaking

In a Sunday night service at the Mar­ble Collegiate Church, New York City, Bishop Leonard concluded with this moving appeal. He said that during the recent floods at Johnstown, Pa., a rumor had gone forth that the great dam was giving way again. Quickly, the valley was filled with excitement and fear. Swiftly, too, the report came to the ears of the architect who had built the work. He exclaimed: "It is untrue. The dam is not giving way. I built it and know every bit of material and workmanship put into its construction. It will bear any pressure of water that can be put upon it." Leaping into his car he drove up the valley from which others were fleeing. He parked his car at the very base of the dam, and, standing on the running board, he cried: "The dam will hold. It is not breaking." Said the Bishop: "This bewildered age needs men and women with just such faith in Jesus Christ. He will never fail. He is sufficient for all time and for eternity."New York Christian Advocate.

Better Than Rest-Stones

India has many boy merchants, and for their use, as they journey, the charitable have placed rest-stones along the roads. A woman missionary once passed a weary little fellow as he reclined against one of these stones, and quoted Matthew 11:28 to him: "Come unto me. all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." The lad was invited to the mission school, and there he learned to love Jesus. His face lighted up as he heard the verse beginning, "The Lord is my rock." "That is better than any resting-stone," he said. "It keeps one rested all the time."

Healed of the Fever

A woman awoke one morning and viewed the day's work ahead—meals, children to get ready for school, a dainty luncheon to prepare for a group of women who were coming—and she became anxious. Her husband in departing, said, "Hadn't you better take a rest, dear? You are feverish." When all were gone she took her Bible, and read, "He touched her hand, and the fever left her." She saw that was just what she needed, so she knelt and asked him for it. She arose, went about her work quietly, prepared a simple luncheon instead of the elaborate one. At the close of the meeting, she told the women of her experience, thus giving a testimony for the Master. When her husband returned, he said: "I see you took my advice, and took a rest; the fever is gone."—Selected.

God's Rest
(Matthew 11:28, 29; I Peter 5:7)

I heard the voice of Jesus say,
"Come unto Me and rest:
Oh, weary one, bowed down with care,
Come, lean upon My breast.
There is no load I cannot bear;
Nor burden that I will not share,
So cast on Me thine every care;
Come unto Me and rest.

"All ye that labor come to Me
And I will give you rest.
Though heavy laden you may be,
Come, lean upon My breast."
He spoke to me so tenderly,
"Come, take My yoke and learn of Me:
My burden shall rest light on thee
And I will give you rest."

Heavy laden, tired with care,
I came to Him for rest:
There I laid my burden down
And leaned upon His breast.
He gave me strength from day to day;
He guided me along life's way,
And now my soul must ever say,
"Praise God! He gave me rest!"—Sylvia Ratcliffe Lockwood, in Gospel Herald.

A Little Child's Understanding

Matthew 11:28 was the text of the preacher one night. He was a true and warmhearted man, and as he drew near the close of his address, his heart was so full of Christ that his lips could not express what he felt, and wanted to say. All he could say was, "'Come unto Me'—what does it mean? 'Come unto Me'—what does it mean?" Again and again he repeated, "What does it mean? What does it mean?" All at once, a little girl, sitting on a front seat, timidly rose and, childlike, held out her hand. "Well," said the kindly preacher, "what does it mean, dear child?" "Please, sir, it means that He wants me," was the touching reply. The preacher sat down. Both he and the people felt no more need be said. Hearts became tender, eyes became wet with tears, and afterwards one and an­other said, "The wisest and most able among us could not have given a truer and sweeter exposition of the text. "Come unto Me" means that "He wants me."Christian Life Missionary.

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