Rock of Ages Sermon Illustrations

Rock of Ages Sermon Illustrations

A Welsh lady, when she lay dying, was visited by her minister. He said to her, 'Sister, are you sinking?' She answered him not a word, but looked at him with incredulous eye. He repeated the question, `Sister, are you sinking?' She looked at him again as if she could not believe he would ask such a question. At last, rising a little in her bed, she said, 'Sinking! Sinking! Did you ever know a sinner to sink through a rock? If I had been standing on the sand, I might sink; but thank God, I'm on the Rock of Ages, and there is no sinking there.'—C. H. Spurgeon

(Ps. 40. 2; Luke 6. 47, 48; 1 Cor. 10. 4)

Augustus Toplady was one day overtaken by a severe thunderstorm in Burrington Combe, a rocky glen running into the heart of the Mendip Hills. There was no habitation anywhere near, and no place to which he could turn for shelter from the storm. Looking about him, he saw two massive pillars of rock, a deep fissure in the centre of a precipitous crag of limestone, and took refuge there. Standing there in safety, he escaped the storm. Finding a piece of paper lying near, he picked it up and with his pencil wrote the famousS, familiar hymn, first published in 1775, 'Rock of Ages, cleft for me, Let me hide myself in Thee.'

(Deut. 33. 27; Isa. 26. 4 margin; 32. 2)

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