Rooster Sermon Illustrations

Rooster Sermon Illustrations

Doings of a Dominicker

From Greenwood, S. C, June 9, 1962, came this report: An old speckled rooster who traveled nine perilous miles on foot back to his hens, his home and his former owners, now has special privileges in the chicken yard of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Crozier. Dominicker, the Barred Plymouth Rock, will never again have to worry about the lurking dangers of the ax and the stew pot. Elevated to the post of Boss Rooster, he will be permitted to live out his days, strutting, preening and accepting favors from his eighty adoring "good-laying" wives.

The Croziers, who operate a small grocery and service station at their home on McCormick Highway, are all shook up over the hardship they unthinkingly Imposed on their home-loving chanticleer when the sold him down the river. "We sold him for seventy-five cents to a farmer below Verdery, about nine miles south of Greenwood," Mrs. Crozier explained. "The man was interested in the Barred Rock strain and I think we are the only poultry raisers in this area who have them."

"So about three weeks after the sale, Dominicker arrived back home. He announced his return by crowing lustily when he got within sight of the chicken yard. The hens cackled a welcome, and we were amused and tickled to see that old rooster again. I wouldn't part with him now for any price, and when that man who bought him shows up here, I'll be happy to give him his money back."

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