Sayings Sermon Illustrations

Sayings Sermon Illustrations

Dr. A. T. Robertson, famous Baptist scholar, whose death was widely mourned, spoke these words:

"John's Gospel is the greatest book in all the world, reach­ing the highest heights of all."

"There is not a particle of evidence that Mary refused to bear other children because she was the mother of the Messiah."

"Nietzsche regarded Jesus Christ as the curse of the race be­cause He spared the weak."

"In Gethsemane the devil tried to make Jesus draw back from the culmination of the cross with all its agony and horror."

"One loves to think that Jesus felt it to be His mission to mend broken hearts like pieces of broken earthenware—real rescue-mission work."

"Paul was the busiest of men, but he kept up his habits of study to the shame of every city pastor."

"It is as the exponent of Christ that Paul commands chief attention."

"Paul stands forever the foremost representative of Jesus Christ, the ablest exponent of Christianity."

"The Jew had enough in his history to give him some right to be proud."

"Paul had much to unlearn."

"There are difficulties of ignorance as surely as there are problems of knowledge."

"An unanswerable argument is a hard thing to forgive."

"He was not the kind of man to do things by halves."

"The self-satisfied are the hard ones to win."

"The words of Jesus cut to the quick."

"Some preachers do not open their mouths and do not look up at the people, but down at the manuscript and drawl along while the people lose interest or slip out."

"Censoriousness is a bad habit."

"No one has as yet successfully explained away Saul's own explanation of what occurred to him on the way to Damascus."

"As he sat in the ashes of humiliation, he could see the Phoe­nix of a new theology rise."

"God goes to strange places for His agents—to the wilderness for John, to despised Nazareth for the Messiah, to fishermen and publicans for the Apostles, to the jail for the dreamer, to the cobbler's bench for the great missionary, to the priest for a revolutionist against the papacy, to the ring leader of the Pharisees for the spiritual emancipator of Jew and Gentile."

"There is no excuse for neglect in pulpit preparation."

"Their ignorance of the signs of the times is colossal."

"Paul was the most famous Christian in the world."

"Adultery remains adultery, divorce or no divorce, remarriage or no marriage."

"In Malta the people thought that calamity was proof of guilt, poor philosophy and worse theology."

"The second coming will be sudden and universally visible."

"They were treating Jesus as if He were a bandit like Barabbas."

"In the gospels there is no instance of a woman being hostile to Christ."

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