School Board Sermon Illustrations

School Board Sermon Illustrations

A wife's lament: Monday, hubby said, "I'll be late. I've got a school committee date."

Tuesday, he vanished in his den, with two other committee men.
Wednesday, he had to miss a play. He spoke before the PTA.
Thursday, he skipped a fine dessert. Late for a meeting and had to spurt.
Friday, at bridge he forgot to play, thinking about the teachers' pay.
Saturday was no fun at all. An irate parent came to call.

Sunday, we sat beneath a tree. I thought and thought, and tried to see how different life for us could be. Free from chores of the committee. But here's the truth, so help me Lord. I would not have him off that Board.—Erma Reynolds, Illinois School Board Journal

Did you hear about the school board's letter of thanks to a lady who donated a cake for the post-meeting snack. It read, "Thanks for your cooperative attitude of which your cake is concrete evidence."

Around school board election time each year, it is too often true that the man with the hoe doesn't always get as far as the man with the hokum.

More than likely a school board sets out to find the best man available. Once they find him, they set out to prove the opposite.

The young daughter of a school board member was heard calling her new born kittens "citizens." Sometime later she changed their names to "School Board." A neighbor asked for an explanation. "Well, they were little then–now they have their eyes open."—M. Dale Baughman

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