Sects Sermon Illustrations

Sects Sermon Illustrations

'He follows not us'—the crowning sin,
The old sectarian cry;
We must have nought to do with him,
And that's the reason why.

'Tis true that he believes as we,
Is born again, we trust;
But him we must forbid, you see,
Because he's not of us.

'He is a Christian,' we admit,
'As much as we ourselves,
Yet—at the Supper such must sit
Below, and by themselves.

'Partakers all of that "one Bread",
Of the "one Body" too;
Yet, though by the "one Spirit" led,
We cannot eat with you.'

Within the Holiest with God,
With us they worship thus;
Yet we refuse them at our board
Because they're not of us.

O strange delusion, hateful pride!
Denial of grace divine;
Whilst you Christ's brethren set aside,
They on His breast recline.—S. Levermore

(Mark 9. 38; Luke 9. 49, 50)

It's rather queer, I must confess,
That folks in sects contend
That they're not sects, but simply saints,
And hence their course defend.

All other folks are sects, they say,
And 'we're the Church indeed';
But Bible proof that they are right
We fail to find or read.

And organized? Yes, organized:
But here they disagree.
Some say they are, but others not—
Their members are all free.

Denominations? No, they shout,
But fellowship we claim.
Why then do they reject the saints
Who will not bear their name?

Another sect is on the way,
Absorbing all the rest—
They hope 'twill be the best.

But some folks live outside the camp
Of men: Christ is their Head.
Though little, poor, despised and few,
They rest on what He said.

Their perfect safety is in Christ—
From men and methods free:
Like Mary, Timothy and Luke
They're in Paul's company.

(1 Cor. 1. 10-13; 3. 3, 4)

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