Service Sermon Illustrations

Service Sermon Illustrations

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Life's Richest Reward

A young woman in New York held what was considered a splendid position in a school attended by children from wealthy homes. Suddenly she gave it up and went to teach in one of the most squalid districts on the East Side.

"These East Side kiddies have so little," she explained. "School is the one bright spot in their lives. I feel almost like a fairy godmother when in their midst. The children in my other school had everything. They even were conveyed to the schoolroom door by nurses and chauffeurs. There was no 'kick' in it for me."

Such confessions as this prove that Jesus was right when He stressed the fact that the joy that comes from helping others is the richest reward one can experience in life.—Selected.

His Will Not Labor

A trained nurse was asked if she did not grow weary of her work. She replied: "Yes, when I have to attend rich patients who might hire someone else to wait on them; then my head aches and my hands are heavy. But give me my basket of foods and medicines, and let me go among the poor who can pay me only with their eyes, and I can imagine no greater happiness. Heaven! There I ask the Lord of Paradise to give me at least August vacation that I may spend dog days in the slums. I am sure He will, for did not the Christ find it His meat to do the will of His Father in just such places?"—Courtesy Moody Monthly.

Service Costs

A woman who was interested in Christian work in London wrote me once and said, "I have a meeting I want you to come to speak to. It is only a small meeting and will take nothing out of you." I answered, "I cannot come, and it would be of no use if I did come. If it takes nothing out of me it will do nobody any good." It is service that costs, and a cheap religion is not worth preaching.—Gipsy Smith, in The Evangelical Christian.

Helping Jesus

A medical student was in the operating room waiting to watch a great surgeon's work. The surgeon's assistant failed to come and the surgeon called this student to help him. "How proud I was," he said, "to help this great man save a life." Jesus has called us to help Him save others, and we should be proud of the honor, glad that we can help to save others to everlasting life. A great minister said that he praised God for the honor and privilege of helping to save the world. We have only to obey His command and trust Him to help us do this work for Him.—Gospel Herald.

God's Call Is Clear

God's service call is clear, definite, personal, and authoritative. It assures that the omnipotent, omniscient and sufficient Caller will assist the one called in unchanging faithfulness. It assures that response is possible. It is dependent upon the obedience of the one called. A chisel is a lifeless piece of steel, but controlled by the hand of the sculptor, it can aid in producing wondrous statuary. Who can estimate the blessing caused mankind because of yielded obedience to Christ's call by Peter, James, John, Paul, Luther, Livingstone, Carey, Hudson Taylor, Moody and a host of others? Who can estimate the catastrophe to all concerned had they not obeyed?

God's service calls test faith. God's sufficient grace is always available for the task, despite any sense of unworthiness or inability upon the part of the servant. Ann Hasseltine, considered by many the most popular young woman in New England, married Adoniram Judson against advice of many well-meaning friends. Fourteen days later they sailed for Burma. Her suffering and heroism with her husband is history. They labored six years without a visible convert. When Judson died, there were 63 churches and 7,000 Christians in Burma.—Gospel Herald.

Off and On

Those who bless the Lord only when all goes well with them are much like the man of whom it was said, "He served the Lord off and on for forty years." "Off and on" thanksgiving is a poor kind.—Christian Herald.

Five Qualifications

There are certain qualifications we must have if we would be used of God. These qualifications do not include great learning, genius, riches, executive ability, and other similar assets that many of us will never have. Paul has told us, by inspiration, just what they are. D. L. Moody is quoted in the Keswick Calendar as follows: "Paul sums up five things that God uses: the weak things,' `the foolish things,' 'the base things,' `the despised things,' and 'the things which are not.' When we are ready to lay down our strength and our weakness before the Lord, He can use us."—Sunday School Times.

First Things

Someone asked John Wanamaker : "How do you get time to run a Sunday school for four thousand scholars, in addition to the business of your stores, your work as Postmaster-General, and other obligations?" Instantly Mr. Wanamaker replied: "Why, the Sunday school is my business! All other things are just things. Forty-five years ago I decided that God's promise was sure: 'Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.'"—The King's Business.

A Thankful Dedication

O Master, let me walk with Thee
In lowly paths of service free;
Tell me the secret; help me bear
The strain of toil, the fret of care.

Help me the slow of heart to move
By some clear, winning word of love;
Teach me the wayward feet to stay,
And guide them in the homeward way.

Teach me Thy patience; still with Thee
In closer, dearer company.
In work that keeps faith sweet and strong,
In trust that triumphs over wrong.

In hope that sends a shining ray
Far down the future's broadening way;
In peace that only Thou can'st give,
With Thee, O Master, let me live.—Washington Gladden.

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