Sin Sermon Illustrations

Sin Sermon Illustrations

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Detection of Sin

The thief was sure that the church was a safe hideout. Just inside he spied a rope up to the garret. Up he climbed, only to hear the church bell ringing his whereabouts.

A Mexico city man snatched a woman's purse and dashed into a doorway to hide. It turned out to be the door of a police station, where he was questioned and later identified by his victim.

Shoplifting in a department store in Rochester, New York, a man picked up an alarm clock and headed for the nearest exit. The clock, concealed under his coat, went off before he could get out of the store and brought detectives running.

A Canadian who had a custom-built radio stolen from his automobile advertised in the local paper for a custom-built radio. The first person to contact him about the advert. was the thief.

A Glasgow pickpocket got a sixty-day prison term after trying his luck on an excursion boat carrying twenty police officers and their wives.

Police in Palo Alto seized a suspect as he stood in a post office admiring his 'wanted' poster.—New York Times Magazine

(Num. 32. 23)

Given a Foothold

There is a fable that illustrates the folly of giving sin a foothold in one's life.

An Arab sat comfortably in his tent, sheltered from the cold, biting air of the desert. His camel outside felt the cold, and, looking through the canvas flap, requested its master to let it put its head in. The master grudgingly gave his consent. Then, addressing its master, the camel said, 'My nose is warm and comfortable, but my shoulders are very cold. Won't you just let me get my shoulders and forelegs in?' it pleaded. After a while, permission was given to the camel to put its shoulders inside the tent. Again the camel approached its master and mildly pleaded in a pitiful, moving voice, for leave to get its hump and part of its body under the canvas, for, while its head was comfortably warm, its hinder parts were still shivering with the cold. Reluctantly the master agreed. By this time the camel was almost all inside the tent, and again requested that it might bring in its hind legs also. When, after some time, the master agreed to this also; the camel came right in and, looking round the small tent, said to its master, "This tent is too small for you and me. You had better leave.' Beware of giving sin a foothold in your life.

(John 8. 34; Rom. 6. 14; 7. 11; Eph. 4. 27)

Sin—Hidden up

There was an Indian prince who was a leper, but his leprosy was known to very few. When he appeared in public, he always wore a large jewel on his forehead, which sparkled and glittered in the light of the many lamps in his court. Only when he was alone did he remove the jewel, and then his mirror revealed to him the leprous spot where the jewel had been. Knowing of his leprous condition, he had devised this means of hiding it from the public and covering it up.

'He that covereth his sin shall not prosper.' (Ps. 32. 1; Prov. ,28. 13)

Propitiation for Sin

Eternal light! Eternal Light!
How pure that soul must be,
When placed within Thy searching sight,
He shrinks not but with calm delight
Can live and look on Thee.

Oh, how can I whose native sphere
Is dark, whose eyes are dim,
Before th'Ineffable appear
And on my naked spirit bear
The untreated beam?

There is a way for man to rise
To that sublime abode,
An offering and a sacrifice,
A Holy Spirit's energies,
An Advocate with God.—T. Binney

(Ps. 51. 3-5; 1 John 2. 1, 2)

Results of Sin

When Leonardo da Vinci was painting his masterpiece, 'The Last Supper', he sought long for a model for his Christ. At last he located a chorister in one of the churches of Rome who was lovely in life and features, a young man named Pietro Bandinelli.

Years passed, and the painting was still unfinished. All the disciples had been portrayed save one—Judas Iscariot. Now he started to find a man whose face was hardened and distorted by sin—and at last he found a beggar on the streets of Rome with a face so villainous he shuddered when he looked at him. He hired the man to sit for him as he painted the face of Judas on his canvas. When he was about to dismiss the man, he said, 'I have not yet found out your name.' I am Pietro Bandinelli,' he replied, 'I also sat for you as your model of Christ.'

The sinful life of years so disfigured the once fair face of the young man that it now looked as though it were the most villainous face in all Rome! Sin degrades! Sin debases!—Indian Christian

(Isa. 1. 4-6)

Sin, like a bee, into the hive may bring A little honey, but expect the sting.

(Heb. 3. 13; 11. 25; James 1. 15)

A Public Utilities Company, seeking a franchise in a large city, sent an unscrupulous representative to interview a city official whose vote was sorely needed. When the official intimated that his vote was not for sale, the representative exclaimed: 'Think of the money, man! It's the bargain of a lifetime. You'll never have another chance to make as much so easily!'

`So easily!' replied the official. 'Listen, friend! No one ever yet got a bargain in sin. It's the highest-priced thing in the market. You tell me that all I have to do is to vote "right". Well, it isn't. That's only the beginning of what I'll have to do. I'll have to carry the consciousness of my dishonesty to the grave. I'll have to live with a remorseful Conscience. I'll have to pose before my wife and children as someone I know I am not. Don't tell me it's a bargain.'—T. Baird

(Num. 32. 23; Heb. 3. 13)

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