Small Things Sermon Illustrations

Small Things Sermon Illustrations

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Too Small?

"Father, where shall I work today?"
And my love flowed warm and free.
Then He pointed me out a tiny spot,
And said, "Tend that for me."
I answered quickly, "Oh, no, not that.
Why, no one would ever see,
No matter how well my work was done.
Not that little place for me."
And the word He spoke, it was not stern,
He answered me tenderly,
`Ah, little one, search that heart of thine.
Art thou working for them or Me?
Nazareth was a little place,
And so was Galilee."—Sunday School Times.

Size Not Always Strength

A Japanese visitor to New York City remarked that he thought the policemen were too heavy to be effective. He weighed only 110 pounds, but every pound had been developed. He stepped into police headquarters and astonished the picked athletes of the force. With bare hands he overcame with ease their very best men. Let small men and small enterprises take heart. Size is not the measure of strength.—Christian Herald.

Little Things

A stamp is just a little thing
Of very little worth,
And yet 'twill take a letter all
The way across the earth!
A smile is just a little thing,
But you will find this true:
To give it brings much happiness
To others, and to you.—Charles Mish, in The Water Lily.

Little Things

It was a little thing to do,
Just a few words he spoke—
And yet they were the magic wand
That slumb'ring hope awoke.

It was a priceless thing he gave,
And yet had nothing cost—
The smile that gave a burdened soul
The courage it had lost.

It was a handclasp, warm, sincere,
Just that, and yet a spark
From it had caused to leap aflame
Bright tapers in the dark.—Edward D. Garner.

The Floating Ice Palace

What is the mystery of that mighty mass which has the strength to rip open the steel walls of a giant ocean liner as easily as a tin opener rips off a tin lid? It is one of the wonders of God's creation, compared with which the greatest things made by man are feeble. It begins as gentle snow, but year after year this slowly forms a glacier, and a hundred years may pass before the soft snowflakes grow to mighty icebergs. Single icebergs have shown a weight of two thousand million tons, equal to the weight of over three hundred and thirty Great Pyramids. There are records of huge icebergs which towered 1,500 feet above the sea, almost three times the height of the Washington Monument.

"What is man compared with his Creator?" asked a scientist in giving a lec ture on icebergs. And this great God who created the icebergs loves us and has planned a beautiful life for us if we will give Him our lives. Will you do it?—Our Pentecostal Boys and Girls.

Little Foxes

Not long ago there was a wreck on the Southern Pacific. Investigation showed that a track, supposed to be solid, had been undermined by a squirrel, the hole had left a place for water to gather, the roadbed had become soft. Along came a heavy train and it was plunged to destruction; all because of a trifle, the vagrant meandering of a mite. It is not given to all to deal directly with big things, but the one who deals with small things has a mission as important. It is in his power to bring about a wreck ; the wreck of himself or of somebody else. "That which is least" (Luke 16:10).—Tacoma Ledger.

Never Great, But—

There was an actor, Charles Brookfield by name, who was mistakenly reported to be dead and so had the unusual opportunity of reading his own obituary notices. One of them in particular he always remembered. It ran like this: "Never a great actor, he was invaluable in small parts."—Gospel Herald.

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