Spectacle Sermon Illustrations

Spectacle Sermon Illustrations

In 1 Cor. 4. 9 Paul speaks of himself and his fellow-labourers, the other apostles, as a spectacle to the world, and to the angels and to men. The word he uses for `spectacle' means a semi-circular building in which plays were acted, an amphitheatre where gladiators were forced to fight in the arena.

The Lord`s Spectacle

One of the colored students of the Southern Bible Training School of Dallas, Texas, was praying and besought the Lord as follows: "O Lord, please keep your spectacles clean so that sinners can see you through us, 'cause you know, Lord, we are your spectacles."

He did not know that the original word "theatron" means a show or display, but supposed it referred to eye­glasses. How we all need to remember that unsaved men can only see Christ through us; and if our lives are unclean, the vision of the Saviour will be blurred!

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