Tabernacle Sermon Illustrations

Tabernacle Sermon Illustrations

Acrostic on Tabernacle

The tabernacle in the wilderness was:

1. Tripartite and Typical,
2. Appointed by the Almighty,
3. Bound together by Bars,
4. Entered from the East,
5. Rested on Redemption,
6. Needful for a Nomadic Nation,
7. Adorned within and Anointed,
8. Carried by Chosen men,
9. Lighted by the Lord's priests,
10. Erected again at Each Encampment.

1. It was of three parts, the court, the holy place and the Holiest of all, and it is a type of Christ.
2. Its purpose was that Jehovah might dwell among His people (Exod. 25. 8).
3. Bars of wood overlaid with gold typify Christ's true humanity and His essential deity (Exod. 26. 24¬29).
4. The gate of the court and the door of the tabernacle were on the East (Exod. 38. 13-16; Num. 3. 38).
5. Each board rested on two sockets of silver, which is the emblem of redemption (Exod. 26. 15-25).

6. It could be easily taken down and put together again.
7. Its inner curtains of fine twined linen, and blue, purple and scarlet, had cherubim worked on them (Exod. 26. 1-6): and, when erected, the tabernacle was anointed (Exod. 40. 9).
8. The three Levite families were responsible for its transport (Num. 4).
9. The Shechinah glory over the Holiest of all gave divine light, and the lampstand in the holy place artificial light (Exod. 40. 34-38; Num. 8. 1-4). 10.
10. See Num. 9. 15-23.

Furniture of Tabernacle

The Kohathites upon their shoulders bear The holy vessels covered all with care. The Gershonites receive an easier charge, Two waggons full of cords and curtains large. Merari's sons four ponderous waggons load With boards and pillars of the House of God.—R. Murray McCheyne

(Num. 4)

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