Teacher's Education Sermon Illustrations

Teacher's Education Sermon Illustrations

Teacher's College—a place where the ignorant are incited to impart their knowledge to the indifferent.—Sheldon Arsine, College English

There's no reason to educate teachers in upper schools, advanced studies and then to teach peasant's children for 35 years that B-A spells "BA"—what a waste! A man who has been shaped by advanced studies couldn't be satisfied with such a modest post. I've therefore decreed that, in the normal school for teachers, instruction is not to be carried too far ... I'll go a step further. It will be a great problem to find jobs for the re-enlisted sergeants. A great part of them could be made teachers at village schools. It's easier to make a teacher of an old soldier than to make an officer of a teacher.—H. R. Trevor-Roper, Education, Hitler's Secret Conversations, permission for use granted by Farrar, Strauss and Cudahy, Inc., New York, copyright holder

An undertaker's apprentice decided to enroll in a teacher's college. One question on the entrance forms was "What did you like most about your former job?" He wrote, "Working with people."

A beginning teacher just fresh out of college encountered some difficulties in his enthusiasm to make good with some new and imaginative teaching techniques. He sought the counsel of his father, an experienced teacher, who said to him, "Son, if a young man like you does not feel the urge to reform education overnight, he doesn't have professional zeal. But, if after ten years, he feels that education reform can be accomplished overnight, he doesn't have any sense."

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