Teacher's Recuitment Sermon Illustrations

Teacher's Recuitment Sermon Illustrations

The superintendent of schools at Low Ridge was interviewing a prospective teacher. Having decided he wanted her, he was attempting to persuade her to sign a contract.

"We're not an extremely wealthy district and we don't have high salaries and unlimited funds like our neighbor Highwood, for in­structional materials," he apologized, "but I just know you'll love our school family and our friendly community."

"I'm sure I would," answered the candidate, "but tell me more about Highwood."—M. Dale Baughman, Teacher Placement Consultant, University of Illinois

A school recruitment official while interviewing a teacher applicant chanced to remark "You expect a high salary for one without experience."

"Don't forget," replied the candidate, "teaching is much harder when you dont know much about it."

A school superintendent was checking on an applicant for a teaching position. He called his former employer and asked "How long did this teacher work in your school system?"

"About six months," was the answer.

The inquiring superintendent was astonished. "He told me he'd been in your system a long time."

"Oh, he has! He's been here six years," explained the applicant's former employer, "but he worked about one month a year."

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