Television Sermon Illustrations

Television Sermon Illustrations

Television is an appliance which changes children from irresistible forces into immovable objects.—The Philadelphia Principal

Two serious teenagers were enthusing over the early morning TV course they were taking, when one said, "Gee, what would you do if your set went off during a lecture?"

"I dunno," mused the other, then had a happy idea: "I guess you'd have to send in an excuse from your repairman."—Jack Sterling Show, WCBS, New York

In Falls Church, Virginia, PTA members kept eyes fixed on TV programs through the hours children would be viewing them. They observed 185 programs for 114 1/2 hours, saw 281 assaults, 117 killings, 19 robberies, 16 kidnapings, 10 murder conspiracies, 3 arsons, 3 extortions, 3 jailbreaks, 1 lynching, 1 bombing, and 1 suicide.—Education, USA

We think of TV as new. So what's new? The picture has been a basic method for communication since the caveman scratched the first "Studio One" on his wall. There is an authenticated case of a cave mother who would not allow her children to even glance at the wall later than two hours after sundown, such was the violence and conflict depicted there. They went berserk and tried to choke the pet dinosaur.—Bill Laid, TV Editor, Louisville Courier-Journal

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