Temperance Sermon Illustrations

Temperance Sermon Illustrations

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Says Evangeline Booth:

"Drink has shed more blood, hung more crepe, sold more homes, plunged more people into bankruptcy, armed more villains, slain more children, snapped more wedding rings, defiled more innocence, blinded more eyes, dethroned more reason, wrecked more manhood, dishonored more womanhood, broken more hearts, blasted more lives, driven more to suicide and dug more graves than any other scourge that has cursed the world."—War Cry.

His Reasons

A lawyer was speaking at a large gathering with a great display of learning in opposition to prohibition. An old farmer who had been listening quietly, shut up his knife with a snap and said: "I may not understand all the points of this question, but I have seven good reasons for voting for prohibition." "What are they?" asked the lawyer. "Four sons and three daughters," was the reply.—Christian Herald.

The Saloon

The saloon is sometimes called a bar;
That's true;
A bar to heaven, a door to hell,
Whoever named it, named it well.
A bar to manliness and wealth,
A door to want and broken health,
A bar to honor, pride and fame;
A door to grief and sin and shame,
A bar to hope, a bar to prayer;
A door to darkness and despair,
A bar to honored, useful life;
A door to brawling, senseless strife.
A bar to all that's true and brave;
A door to every drunkard's grave.
A bar to joys that home imparts,
A door to tears and aching hearts.
A bar to heaven, a door to hell,
Whoever named it, named it well.—Written by a life-time prisoner in Joliet Prison.

What Pershing and Lloyd George Think of Drink

General Pershing said: "Banish the entire liquor industry fron- the United States; close every saloon, every brewery; suppress drinking by severe punishment to the drinker, and if necessary, death to the seller, or maker, or both, as traitors, and the nation will suddenly find itself amazed at its efficiency, and startled at the increase in its labor supply. I shall not go slow on prohibition, for I know what is the greatest foe to my men, greater even than the bullets of the enemy."

Lloyd George said: "Drink during the World War used up as much tonnage as the Germans have sunk with all their submarines; it killed more men than have been killed by the German submarines. Drink destroyed more food than all the submarines put together."—United Presbyterian.

The Man She Married

A speaker at a temperance meeting told how drink had once caused the downfall of a brave soldier. In the course of the sad story he said: "Sometimes after a debauch the man would be repentant, humble. He would promise his wife to do better. But, alas! the years taught her the barrenness of all such promises. One night when he was getting to be an old man—a prematurely old man, thin-limbed, stoop-shouldered, with red-rimmed eyes—he said to his wife, sadly: 'You're a clever woman, Jenny; a courageous, active, good woman. You should have married a better man than I am, dear.' She looked at him, and thinking of what he had been, she answered in a quiet voice: 'I did, James.'"—Sunday at Home.

Do You Know Me?

I am the greatest criminal in history.
I have killed more men than have fallen in all the wars of the world.
I have turned men into brutes.
I have made millions of homes unhappy.
I have transformed many ambitious youths into hopeless parasites.
I make smooth the downward path for countless millions.
I destroy the weak and weaken the strong.
I make the wise man a fool and trample the fool in his folly.
I ensnare the innocent.
The abandoned wife knows me; the hungry children know me.
I have ruined millions and shall try to ruin more.
I am Alcohol.—H. W. Gibson.

It's the Brain that Counts

The noted surgeon, Dr. Charles Mayo, in addressing a large convention of boys, said in part:

"You can get along with a wooden leg, but you can't get along with a wooden head. The physical value of man is not so much. Man as analyzed in our laboratories is worth about ninety-eight cents. Seven bars of soap, lime enough to whitewash a chicken coop, phosphorus enough to cover the heads of a thousand matches, is not so much, you see.

"It is the brain that counts, but in order that your brain may be kept clear you must keep your body fit and well. That cannot be done if one drinks liquor.

"A man who has to drag around a habit that is a danger and a menace to society ought to go off to the woods and live alone. We do not tolerate the obvious use of morphine or cocaine or opium and we should not tolerate intoxicating liquor because I tell you these things are what break down the command of the individual over his own life and his own destiny.

"Through alcoholic stimulation a man loses his coordination. That is why liquor is no advantage to the brain. You hear people tell how they had their wits quickened for the first half-hour by liquor but they don't tell you how later their body could not act in coordination with their brain."

A Noted Physician's Reason

Giving evidence before the British Royal Licensing Commission, Dr. C. C. Weeks, noted British physician, was asked the reasons why he became a teetotaler. He replied: "My reasons, I am afraid, were entirely selfish. There wasn't much altruism about it. I was a young doctor, and I saw round me what was doing. The doctor whose practice I took killed himself with drink. All round me men were drinking, and I made a rule that during the day I would never drink with my patients. I found that without it I was a better cricketer and a safer catch. The thing that finally put it over was when I was called in consultation by another doctor. He was in evening dress, and had been out to dinner. He wasn't drunk, but he met me with that fatuous grin which is associated with drinking—and upstairs there was a tragedy. He had made a profound error of judgment in a woman at her hour of confinement. As I drove home I said to myself, 'This might happen to me,' and that night I made up my mind that I would not take any more alcohol."—Queensland Prohibitionist.

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